–This blog is mainly about my experience with infertility, and all the emotional/psychological/physical things that can mean. But of course sometimes, it’s just day-to-day stuff.

–I do not tend to edit or filter myself. I write this blog very much like a train-of-thought situation, or a diary.

–Those two things means often the blog get’s a little… “TMI”. (Too Much Information) This means I talk about some pretty personal stuff. And it isn’t always pretty, or “socially appropriate”, but it is honest.

It is partly in an attempt to reach out to the ALI (Adoption, Loss, Infertility) community for support, but also to chronicle this journey. So that some day, when I look back, I wont have some rose-colored, idealistic idea of what I went through.

I only put this, so that you know what to expect. So that hopefully I can avoid upsetting anyone because you thought this was something else. I’m trusting that you will keep confidential stuff confidential, and support me through this process.


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