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Fair Time at 24 Weeks!

Today we went to the local fair… I don’t know that it is the “official” state fair, but it may as well be, as it is the largest one in this state (and according to their info brochure/map, one of the biggest in the country based in attendance). Since neither Hubster or myself are big “ride” people, we spent the majority of our free time touring the various barns, pointing out breeds of cattle, chicken, goats and sheep we like to my mom who gifted us with tickets – not just for the fair but to the pro rodeo finals being held there! It was fun to explain the difference between Jersey and Holstein, Angus and Scottish Highland, and dream of our someday future little farm…

The rodeo finals were great, all the goods of steer wrestling, roping, bucking broncs (horses – both in saddle and bareback) and of course bull riding! With a particularly spectacular intermission show of mutton bustin’ (little kids riding holding on with a death grip to sheep) which I think is about the most adorable thing on earth and can’t wait until our little girl is big enough. I think today’s kids ranged in ages 3-6!

It really was a great, low key day but was a LOT of walking and I’m pooped, I’m in bed and as soon as I hit post I’m turning out the light! But here is today’s 24 week bump shot… Compared to the others you can really tell she has grown in there! (and can see how tired I am lol)

24 WEEKS!!!

Back at 12 weeks…



Burnout, Beaches and Babies, Oh My!

Ok, first let me say that everything is okay. Exhaustion does crazy things to one’s brain chemistry (it’s true, you can ask any Psych Student) and so in the light of day, I can see how my acceptable-level-of-concerns skyrocketed to I’m-freaking-out-like-it’s-an-alien-attack. My apologies to all of you!

So, I finally fell asleep sometime about 4 in the morning or so… Alarm went off at 8am. Hubster and I got up and did the morning-routine thing, but of course I was sucking at sitting patiently at home so we left with more than enough time to get to the clinic that was performing the scan. And all that meant was that I had to sit patiently in the waiting room of the clinic… but that seemed much less stressful.

Got called back by a very professionally nice ultrasound tech. She would explain what we were looking at “This is the head. Now we’re looking at the heart, and now the heart flow…” No excessive chit chat, which was fine. We just held hands and stared intently at the screen. No video (POO!) but I’ve got some photos at the end for y’all. She asked if we wanted to find out the sex, and we said ONLY if she got a REALLY clear shot. Which I think she appreciated, as well as some of our tension-relieving comments. (For example, when she was measuring the head and said “Now I’m measuring different parts of the brain, I said “Yay, our baby has a brain!” *facepalm at my stupidity*) ***Gender revealing photo at the END of the post*** Then Doctor M came in. She was so bubbly and warm and genuinely excited for us and for our baby. She went through all the pictures, and I asked a few questions of what exactly a light or dark spot was (What I can I say, the mom in me was worried about there being some random abnormality.) she was VERY excited about us working with Midwife N, and it sounds like she knows her really well. The doctor said a few times how lucky we were to be working with her. I could have totally hugged the woman ūüôā and when we mentioned we tend to be paranoid because of our previous miscarriage she asked a few questions about that. I was just really amazed that she didn’t seem rushed or anything, we really had her undivided attention. Can’t say enough about how really great the experience was. Everything looked good; brain, heart, spine, no cleft palate, heart rate 135, in the 65 percentile of growth, looking to be on the “tall” side. CAN NOT PRAISE GOD ENOUGH FOR THIS AMAZING BLESSING!!!!

So Hubster drove from there to our monthly meeting with Midwife N. (I wanted him to drive, so he would start getting to know how to get there, so the drive seems routine when I’m in labor! – Plus it gave me the opportunity to call the close family and friends we wanted to give the health and gender news to directly.) The meeting went well, got the card of the woman whom she recommends we take the birth class with. I guess her classes fill up fast, so she said to make contact with her soon. She listened to the heartbeat a la doppler (134 bpm to her count) and measured my uterus (exactly 20 cm! Although I’m just 19 weeks 1 day.) She said I’ve gained 11 pounds in the pregnancy so far which is exactly normal. She said that I should only gain another 10 in the 2nd half, but many women gain 20 or more so we went over how my eating has been going, just to stay on track. Since I way myself almost every day, it’s easy for me to track “trends” (am I a little heavier one day just because I ate something salty last night, or is this going up a little every day and I need to be more aware of what I’m eating and my activity?) and she was really impressed with how well it’s all been going. And I asked her if there was anything I could do about the insomnia, and she said it was safe for me to take uni.som. I found some at the store that’s labeled as “natural uni.som” so that made me feel a little better. I don’t want to take it every night for the rest of the pregnany, but hopefully if I can take it a few nights this week that will just be enough to kick start my day/night cycles back into place.

Grabbed some lunch, the sleep aid and a few odds and ends at the grocery store on our way home. Vegged at home for a little while – we had thrown around a few girl names, but hadn’t had a serious descussion so Hubster was all gung-ho to do that. The name we had originally planned on usuing a long time ago… well, it’s a beautiful name, but the name has deep roots in pagan/wiccan mythology and lore, and we both felt we wanted to give our baby a name that was beautiful, unique AND really meant something to us. So we started by finding a website that lists all the Orthodox Saint names (by gender!) and slowly went down, making note of anything we liked. After some fine tuning we’ve ended up with 3, and then Hubster started to get overwhelmed and a little loopy and started throwing out ideas inspired by alcoholic beverages, so I closed the laptop and said it was time to get out of the house! There’s plenty of time to think about this, no need to rush into anything!

Then we took the dogs down to the beach. We were going to go to the one we usually go to, but the parking lot was SO crowded, we decided to try a different one. And low and behold it was practically barren (although this beach was significantly more rocky than the other one, so less comfortable to walk along and wade in the water, but I cooled off my feet while Glen and Emma waded, and Radar actually swam a little bit.) Then home, and Hubster heated up some homemade soup from the freezer (Hot soup on a hot day… delicious but perhaps not the wisest choice ever lol. However, all the meal options in the house were hot meals, so whatchya gonna do?)

And now I’m here, uploading photos from the day.

20120806-194937.jpgEmma on the top, Glen sniffing rocks on the bottom…

20120806-194958.jpgRadar after his swim…

20120806-195005.jpgEmma and Glen…. pretty sure they were trying to find dead, dried up baby crabs to eat…

20120806-195017.jpgGlen:¬†“This place is too much fun! ¬†Dried up seaweed, dead crabs, all sorts of icky and delicious things!”

20120806-195011.jpgThe view from the Cha.mbers Cre.ek Beach.  The faded light blue land in the distance is the Olym.pic Moun.tain Range.

And now: The long awaited ultrasound pictures!!!  19 weeks, 1 day!

Baby’s profile, waving a hand!

Another profile shot, I thought the Baby was sucking it’s thumb but the doctor said no, that it was more “blowing kisses” *heart melt*

Baby’s face from the front, top of head pointed to the right. ¬†Baby was head down today… let’s hope it stays that way for the birth!

Full side shot.  Head to the right, bum to the left, back is along the bottom of the picture.

“Get outta here, this is my womb!”

“Seriously, you people need my shoe size already?

Bum to the left, legs at top and bottom Рclearly SANS PENIS!  Why hello by lovely, beautiful, precious little baby girl!!!!!!!!  But this will not be some pink-girly-girl, this will be a camo-wearing, camping, hunting, horseback riding girl.  Hubster was SO certain it was a boy, it took about an hour for him to wrap his mind around the fact that it is a girl, but now he is all colors of excited, hyper and wiggling like a puppy.

Oh man, I’m going to have the be the disciplinarian, she already has him wrapped around her teeny tiny little finger.

And I wouldn’t have it any. other. way.

Totally and completely blissed out. ¬†I can’t even adequately describe it. ¬†I know exactly how amazing, lucky, and truly¬†blessed¬†we are, or how much I LOVE this little baby SO MUCH.

Thank you everyone for your kind comments on my previous post, and for all the posts over the years you have been a part of. ¬†I can’t imagine having done this journey so far without you guys.

Catching Up from the Weekend

Here are some pictures from our Friday trip to the beach!

Blue sky, puffy white clouds, ferry dock in the distance, islands to the left, what’s not to love?

Hubster walking Emma (the daker one) and Radar (the red one) He wasn’t feeling¬†especially¬†photogenic at that moment!

And then of course my doggy, Glen ūüôā

One of the thing I love about beaches out here is how the dense vegetation of the forests, in all their mossy-ferny-glory, come right up to the edge of sand and pebbles and driftwood, such a rich contrast!

I feel I need to do something to try and educate the public on a huge¬†misconception¬†of dogs, and their owners. ¬†When I’m walking my dogs, that is not an invitation for you to come up and make chit chat with me. ¬†What are you hoping to¬†accomplish? ¬†That we become lifelong friends? ¬†I just don’t get it. ¬†(But then again, I hate it when strangers try and talk to me on airplanes too. ¬†Just leave me alone people!) ¬†I’m out there, to enjoy the weather and the nature and the company of my husband and our¬†pets. ¬†I am in no way motivated to have stilted conversations with weirdos on the beach. ¬†Also, don’t let your kids run up and pet strange dogs. ¬†Children are the #1 recipient of dog bites – they have weird, intimidating body language and high pitched voices and get right into a dogs face. ¬†It’s very intimidating, even on the nicest dogs. ¬†(A side note: I don’t take my dogs to children playgrounds. ¬†Do NOT take your kids to dog parks. ¬†Again, you’re just asking for an injury to happen to your kid, even if a dog doesn’t bite them, when dogs are playing, I’ve seen them accidentally knock over a full grown adult man. ¬†And I’ve seen them knock down kids to the point the child is injured. ¬†It’s just not smart!)

The majority of dog bites do NOT come from “mean” dogs like pit bulls or rottweilers, but from chihuahuas and golden¬†retrievers. Because people think they are sweet and cute, and push them over their emotional threshold. ¬†Honestly, don’t even ask if you can pet my dogs. ¬†While my dogs are really nice, the fact is I never know if something about¬†your body language, voice, smell etc could overwhelm them and cause them to snap. ¬†And really, I’m out there to have a good, fun, bonding time between me and my dogs. ¬†Dogs are pack animals, you are either in or out of the pack. ¬†They don’t have “acquaintances” in the wild. ¬†I see nothing positive in forcing my dog to become attached to some stranger who they will never see again. ¬†I’ve learned a lot about dog behavior, both from lifelong ownership, but also from my education to become a vet tech, and then working in the field, where at my last job my boss was a certified animal behaviorist. ¬†You know who the nicest, most welcome dogs are? ¬†Assistance dogs. ¬†And no one is every supposed to touch them, if anything, people are¬†supposed¬†to ignore them. ¬†This allows the dog to stay focused on their owner, and be less inclined to be on alert of what strangers are going to try and do. ¬†So the next time you see someone with a dog, just ignore the dog. ¬†Not in a mean, angry way, but in a way that allows the dog and owner to have fun.

Hubster was getting quite irritated with all the people¬†interrupting¬†out time together to ask us about our dogs. ¬†Finally at one point he exclaimed “Next time we get a dog, we are getting the ugliest, mangiest, meanest looking thing, then people won’t want to come up and talk to us.”

When we got home from the beach we did more cleaning… we had such plans, specifically about the soon-to-be-a-nursery, but it was like that book “When you give a mo.use a co.okie” – we would think “Well, before we can move that, we really need to clean this one thing in this other room…” ¬†So we got a lot done, it just didn’t make as big of a dent in the ROOM we intended to get it done in lol.

Saturday I met up with my Godmother in Oly.mpia.  We went and had lunch at an amazing little Jewish Deli, wandered the cutesy stores, and went in to the local cloth diapering store and got a ton of great information on the several brands they carried.  In truth, it was a bit overwhelming, but I really had a great time!

Sunday was church, followed by¬†cake tasting!!! ¬†It’s one of the few things I actually get to be involved in for the shower, and it was a blast. ¬†Although, it was such a busy day, I basically ate junk all day, and it really showed on the scale this morning. ¬†*sigh* More on that later… After cake tasting we loaded up the spare bed and took it over to my mom’s to put it in storage, and she ended sending us with an antique shelf-thing, we may try in the nursery (As a place for books and toys and such). ¬†Then we went to Ikea to look at the cribs and confirm which one we have chosen. ¬†We even grabbed dinner there (Not as good as homemade Swedish Meatballs I grew up with, but it was tasty and inexpensive!) ¬†Then our friends Suzy and the¬†Professor¬†met us there to buy their crib (They couldn’t fit the box in their sedan) ¬†Basically, by the end of it I was completely and utterly¬†¬†exhausted.

I think part of it has been my less-than-stellar-diet lately. ¬†I’ve just been getting caught up with lots of little things. ¬†I know what I should be eating, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. ¬†Eating healthy takes a lot of planning, and there are some days that I just totally drop the ball on planning the meals, and then I find myself completely ravenous, and I just eat the easiest thing I can get my hands on. ¬†It also doesn’t help that my life really is pretty sedentary. ¬†I spend a lot of time reading, or knitting, or checking blogs/email/Facebook¬†from the laptop – all of which takes place on our couch for the most part. ¬†And when I’m at work, the elderly lady I care for is very sedentary (hey, she’s 92, so it makes sense!) but there really isn’t much for me to do but¬†sit with her. ¬†I need to get back into my habit of taking they dogs to the park several times a week, and planning out meals for the week in advance. ¬†The insomnia is getting worse (just generally having a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep and I can only guess it will just get worse as the pregnancy continues) so that means my energy level is rocky. ¬†I have random bursts of energy, that are usually used to clean/organize/pick up the apartment.

Ok. ¬†No more excuses. ¬†I’m going to put on my sneakers and go to the park with the dogs. ¬†I’ve gained about 3 pounds this week (after keeping pretty much the same weight for several weeks) so I¬†have to get up and move. ¬†Ok. ¬†This is me. ¬†Getting up. ¬†Really. ¬†Gotta just do it!!!

Preggo SMASH!!!

Today was a “Saturday” of sorts for Hubster and I, so we started the morning by lazing in bed, chatting. ¬†We were teasing one another about stuff that needed to get done, and Hubster was threatening to not help, or something along those lines, and I replied with “Don’t make the pregnant lady angry! ¬†I’ll go all Hulk on you, only instead of getting big and green, just my belly will get bigger!” ¬†To which he replied by waving his arms and yelling “PREGGO SMASH!”

We’ve been laughing about it all morning.

I love those moments. ¬†We will probably keep this joke running the rest of the pregnancy. ¬†Maybe this is a sign we should name the baby Hulk if it’s a boy? ¬†Hulkette if it’s a girl? ¬†ūüėČ

Something tells me this story is not nearly as funny to anyone else but us, but that’s ok.

Went on to have a very nice brunch of french toast, with all the trimmings of butter, powdered sugar, maple syrup and homemade berry syrup, and french-press coffee. ¬†(I had about 1/4 of a mug, but it was so yummy!) ¬†Then we attacked the room that is to be the nursery. ¬†Cleaning all the sheets that go to the guest bed, boxing them up, and setting side the mis-matched sheets to donate to a crafty friend. ¬†I’m very excited to move the guest bed into storage this Sunday, that should help me feel less overwhelmed about getting the room ready, although there are still some boxes and odds and ends to go through.

Hubster is working on his laundry. ¬†And in a little bit we will head down the Point¬†Defiance¬†Park and walk the doggers along the beach. ¬†Something we all enjoy. ¬†A little fresh air, the waves lapping the shore, the dogs getting to wiggle and sniff dead seaweed. ¬†I’ll try to add some photos if we end up going ūüôā ¬†then again, we may just continue lazing on the couch… decisions decisions!

Taking care of the critter

So, time to take a step back from the pregnancy stuff and give you all a look at the rest of my life.

As many of you know, Hubster and I have 3 dogs (all pembroke welsh corgis) and 2 cats. Sunday night, our oldest dog (13 years) woke us up THREE times, demanding to go outside. This is highly unusual, and admittedly we were kind of pissed. How could he possibly need to go again? He must just be wanting attention… And we really don’t want to reward bad behavior (aka barking) so we took turns grumbling, getting out of bed, and taking Radar out. But each time he would actually go, so we would shrug and head back to bed.

In the light of day we realized he had pooped 4 times during the night. If I had still been working at the vet clinic, I would have taken him into work with me, but decided he probably just had an upset tummy from a recent food change, and decided to keep an eye on him throughout the day. He continued to have frequent defections, and they slowly became looser. For dinner last might I gave him some rice, chicken broth and a probiotic, knowing if it didn’t clear up we would need to head into the vet the next day (today). This morning after his walk, he had an accident in the house. And there was frank (bright red) blood in it. I know this meant it was lower in the GI tract, and probably due to the diarrhea, but pulled out my phone to call the vet.

The vet that I use here in town (not where I used to work) starts with a “C” so I went to the “c”s in my phone, and hit send next to the vet. A cheery girl answered the phone and when I explained the situation she said she could fit me in at 11. So I kept an eye on Radar, fidgeting around the house, and drive to the vet, arriving at 11am sharp. I walk in and check in at the desk… And the lady had no record of my appointment.

While I understand mistakes happen, I was feeling a bit peeved. But I took a seat and a deep breath, knowing that all I could do is wait until they could fit me in.

I pulled out my cell phone to try to determine what time had called, maybe figure out who I had spoken with… Only to realize the vet I had called… Was back in Colorado. The two vets have similar names and in my haste this morning, I called the wrong clinic!!!

Luckily the receptionist here was super nice.

Some days my blonde shows through more than others.

The vet diagnosed Radar with colitis, and sent home some meds to help. Radar should be feeling back to hisself in no time! Most likely just irritation from the food change.

Caming down, and a couple cute stories

Alrighty, after writing that post, and spending some time in prayer I’ve been able to calm down.¬† And notice my boobs are still tender.¬† Maybe it just comes and goes?¬† I’m still having occasionally uterus “twinges” that are different that period cramps, so I take comfort in that.¬† But mostly, I take comfort in knowing nothing I do, or don’t do, no amount of blood tests or ultrasounds will change the outcome of this baby coming into the world.¬† God Willing, in 8 months we will get to greet a new member of our family.¬† And if that is not His Will, then it wont happen.¬† And we will be devastated, but we will survive the loss of another child.¬† Because we did it before, with much less support then we have now.

A couple of cute stories:

As some of you know, we have 2 cats.¬† Rocco was a gift from Hubster, but the cat has never really liked me, instead greatly preferring Hubster over me.¬† I have noticed in the last 2 weeks (as long as Hubster is not around) Rocco will walk up to me when I’m in bed and knead my hips/tummy, and curl up on my abdomen.¬† This morning I woke up to this:

I think this cat knows I’m pregnant.¬† It’s the only explanation for him choosing to cuddle with me.¬† And this photo was with Hubster laying right next to me, so he chose me very obviously over him!

This evening we watched an adorable little boy who is just about 2.¬† His mom is currently pregnant with her second, and she had told him that there was a baby in my tummy earlier this week.¬† So as I was changing his diaper before bed he kept pointing to my tummy and saying “Baby.Belly.¬† Baby.Belly.”¬† And I said “Yes, there is a baby in my belly, God Willing.”¬† And then he pointed at my chest (above my heart) and said “beat beat? beat beat?”¬† And I replied “No, we haven’t heard the heart beat yet, but God Willing we will.”¬† He looked sorely disappointed I couldn’t confirm the heartbeat.¬† (He has gone along and heard his mother’s baby on the doppler so knows baby’s have heartbeats.)

Just makes my heart melt ūüôā

Kitty Time!

At the request of Alex, below are some pictures of the kitties!¬† Enjoy ūüôā

Rocco, when he was just a teeny tiny little guy!

Rocco, checking out my laptop.¬† What kind of blog would he write….?

Rocco, looking more like an adult then a kitten, chilling on the bed.  (That for once is actually made!)

(And yes, that is a gun in the background.  And yes, both my husband and I know how to use it.  Beware the person who tries to break and enter our residence.  You will be met with an attack cat and firepower.)

Rocco hiding in a leftover firewood box.¬† He’s super stealth-like.¬† I assume he’s practicing so he can be the most effective attack-cat that he can be.¬† (He actually is ALWAYS at the door when we come home.¬† It’s amazing.¬† If anyone can find a cat-sized spiked collar, he definitely would rock one haha)

And here is Spe.cial Ag.ent  Or Bloom for short.  This photo was taken when I brought her home the night after her surgery to amputate her left hind limb.  She was just supposed to come home for one night so I could observer her after surgery,  That was my first mistake apparently.

Saturday morning, she was particularly feisty, and attacked Rocco’s “kickeroo” toy.¬† Rocco was apparently feeling left out.

Rocoo pouting…..

The impressive thing is that I didn’t think this would be a toy she would get into.¬† Since she only has ONE back leg and all.¬† And the way it is designed they are supposed to “hug” it with their front limbs while kicking it with their hind legs.¬† It’s stuffed with catnip…. and pretty much the COOLEST cat toy ever.¬† According to BOTH my cats apparently.

Since bring home Bloom, Rocco has become more of an attention slut (I guess she brought out his insecurities, or his competitive side?)¬† Bloom enjoys it when you come up and rub her chin and around her ears, but she tends to like hiding out instead of seeking us out.¬† I assume this is in part her acclimation to being a tri-pod.¬† She does get up and get around fairly well, although she doesn’t jump up on the bed or anything yet.

Saturday we removed the staples from the amputation-site-closure, and the sutures that were at her spay site.¬† I hope she just continues to improve and become acclimated. And I look forward to when her fur comes back in and I can show you a picture of a three-legged-cat that doesn’t look like it’s half-alien!