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Guiltless Chocolate Chip Cookies

Mama Chocolate (A blogger of cloth diapering stuff) posted a recipe link earlier today on Facebook touting the nutritious value of molasses… And these cookies. (The recipe is in the second link) After an incredibly frustrating morning of job hunting (I was only able to find one good lead, and when I went in to drop off my resume and cover letter the woman very apologetically told me they have already started the interview process… AKA I’m too late, better luck next time.) I had been craving a really gourmet chocolate chip cookie… So it was a pretty exciting to read about some healthy and delicious cookies, I even had most of the ingredients!

So the trip to the store went pretty quickly, came home and got to work. I made a few modifications:
-didn’t have enough cinnamon (woops!) so just 1 tsp of cinnamon plus half a teaspoon of allspice (but I’m digging the flavor!)
-did half milk chocolate and half semi sweet chocolate chips
-replaced the quick-cook oats with normal oats I put in the food processor briefly
-also briefly chopped my nuts (walnuts) in the processor
-I hate raises, so I replaced them with dried cherries, if anything that ups the amount of antioxidants! Woot!
-I had about a half cup of leftover coconut flakes I threw in just because I could

20120810-165906.jpgDough on the stoneware sheets…

20120810-165925.jpgSo hard not to eat all the leftover dough while the cookie were cooking!  The dough was so fragrant with the molasses and spices, reminded me of gingerbread!

20120810-165938.jpgFresh out of the oven!  When the directions warn against overcooking, they mean it!  I was only cooking 7-8 minutes and can’t imagine letting them go any longer!

20120810-165954.jpgVICTORY IS MINE!!!!!!  Sorry this is a bit blurry, I took the picture and then chowed down, and didn’t realize until after my plate was empty that the picture was bad… Oh well!

Needless to say, it’s exactly what I needed.  And now to hurry and box up the rest of the cookies and put them in the freezer before I eat the entire batch!


Cravings anyone?

Cookies + homemade whipped cream = heaven. Really, truly, divine.