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I forgot the Bump!

Ok, I didn’t I actually forget the weekly bump-shot, but I wrote the previous post on my lunch at work, and had yet to take a bump picture.  So here ya go, 36 weeks along!

36 weeks pregnantEmma decided to pose alone with me this week.  Sorry it’s not one of my normal outfits, but after a LONG day at work (which included Hubster renting a car dolly and coming and picking me up from work and towing my car behind his truck!) I wanted to be in sweat pants by-gum!

Also some pictures from around the nursery!

12552_10151176652823757_553525693_nThe bedding, with a super cute knight on his horsie!  (The toy a gift from Hubster’s mom “Nana” – my mom has elected to go by “Granny”)

252208_10151176652873757_1007645436_nRoco the kitty checking out the crib – thankfully he has so far yet to jump IN it!  Let’s just hope it stays that way… Not holding my breath though.  So far, we keep the door closed and only allow the kitties in under supervision, but I am sure once Seedling gets here that will be harder to enforce so I’m trying to stretch out the cat’s exposure to the room so that it is more familiar to them.

73277_10151176652968757_707636749_nThe epic rocking chair… pretty sure I’ve put this up, but I love it so much, had to share it again!  🙂151063_10151176652993757_196515321_nDiaper station!  I LOVE our art on the walls, and I am actually really excited to get to use our cloth diapers!  At this point we have pretty close to everything we need, just a few little things left, it is kind of ridiculous how much babies need!  I’m also wanting to get some basket/organizers for things… one at the end of the diapering station to hold wipes and whatnot.  Another basket or two to hold toys on the antique bookshelf in the corner, and I need a few more drawers or baskets for odds and ends in the closet.  So many itty bitty things that can easily get lost!


A Picture Post

Saturday, we joined Suzy, her husband Professor and their two children to go to a local tree farm and cut down our Christmas tree!

Hubster and I on the “hay ride” – the farm runs year round so they have a tractor haul a flatbed with hay on it from the parking lot to where the trees are. This preggo lady didn’t object!

Hubster cutting our tree… We chose a little one this year since I wouldn’t really be much help hauling a giant tree up 3 flights of stairs…

My husband, the sexy beast, just hoists it up on his shoulder like it’s no biggie… I have to say there is something about a tall dark and handsome man, with a fabulous beard, doing manly things that gets me all twitterpated!

Hubster and our tree!

Sunday after church we I made cookies, threw dinner in the crock pot, and then we Hubster pulled the decorations out of storage and then WE decorated the tree. I always grew up with a different “theme” on the tree each year… But since the animals have been so anxious lately we chose to go only with non-breakable ornaments, (in case it accidentally gets knocked over…) which meant a hodgepodge of things from childhood through today. I guess this years theme is “nostalgia”…

The cookies I made… Mini spiced pumpkin cookies with rum icing! Very tasty for munching while listening to Christmas music and putting up decorations 🙂

Last but not least: 35 weeks pregnant!!!

Extreme Nesting

This weekend we were supposed to be at our birthing class.  However, the class got rescheduled.  Hubster and I had planned to have a much needed “do nothing” weekend.  We would work around the apartment, and on the nursery.  However, Saturday dawns and Hubster is having intense back pain.  I mean, so bad, I had to get out of bed and put his shoes on him for him so he could make it to an Acolyte Meeting at the church. (He’s going to start serving some Sundays, which he’s very excited about!)

Hubster has had chronic on-again off-again back pain, without him actually doing anything to set his back off.  His father also has chronic back pain.  So Saturday I put my foot down.  I knew that if it was me who couldn’t put my shoes on, Hubster would be dragging me to the doctor kicking and screaming. And that is just what I did.  I called and got him into my acupuncturist that afternoon, and in with a chiropractor recommended by a friend on Tuesday.  We need to figure out what is causing this and start doing preventative treatment, instead of just addressing it when he’s in such pain.  In some ways, I guess it’s selfish – I need him feeling his best to help take care of my and Seedling.  But really, I just can’t stand seeing him in such pain!

Of course, this meant putting together the rocking chair and other things around the apartment would not, could not, get done.  Earlier in the week my mom had offered to come over and help prep for Thanksgiving, but I had declined.  So Saturday morning found me calling her inviting her over to help me get things done.  I was having a serious case of itching-trigger-finger to get my nesting on!

I will say, she came in and was a POWERHOUSE.  We got the rocking chair together, and did some serious organizing to the nursery.  We got the artwork hung on the walls, and today, finished the curtains and I started sewing some home-made prefold diapers (using an old duvet cover that was torn, made of super-soft cotton jersey.)

To start with, a page from the rocker assembly instruction manual… It gave me a pretty good laugh.  Gee, thanks, I don’t know WHAT I would have done without someone telling me to do this step!

Ok, now some pictures of the nursery:

MOST. COMFY. ROCKER. EVEEEEERRR!!!!! (The blanket hanging off the back was a gift from my Godparents, and my new nursing cover is folded on the armrest)  This chair is cushy, yet supportive.  Rocks, swivels and has a rocking ottoman.  LOVE IT!!!!

The art, hung above what will be the diapering station (right now it’s holding a bunch of random stuff – you know how when you organize things, there are those odds and ends left over that don’t fit into any category? Ya, it’s that kind of stuff…poor homeless things.)

And my prefolds (based on the the Th.irs.ties design):

My “template” on the left, my first creation on the right!  I got 4 completed this evening before deciding to call it a night.

I used a variety of colors of thread, just to keep it fun 🙂

And then, in recognition that we are at 34 weeks… here is an updated bump shot on the right (with my original 12 week photo on the left)

And just for fun-zies: My view of things, taken on my lunch break at work about a week ago:

(I’m sitting down with my feet up)

Now to get to bed.  I’m totally beat.  And have been fighting a cold all week. Must get some SLEEP!!!



Wordless Wednesday – Halloween at 31.5 weeks pregnant!




(Yes – I knitted the arm warmers!)

Nursery Update

There has been a slow metamorphosis in the nursery the last few months…  If you will recall I first took pictures of the room (when it was a catch-all spare room) back in June *shudders at the mess it was!* And then did an update with ideas I starting to form ideas in August.  And then a little later that month took pictures of the (mostly empty) Nursery!  Then I later showcased some of the textiles-to-be in the Nursery.  Well, since then we have had a few gifts show up (one of which came yesterday and I’m maintaining major self control and NOT opening until our shower in 2 weeks!)  Side note: One of the many joys of pregnancy?  Getting mail.  Real mail.  Cards with well-wishes and congratulations and packages!  It’s very emotional to know so many people are excited with us 🙂This biggest box yet!  It’s taking serious self control not to go onto our registry and figure out what is missing.  Feeling so loved and blessed ❤

Ok, but back to the nursery.  Well, some things have started to fill up the space again, but it’s not all quite organized… or even put together.  Case in point?  The rocking chair that is sitting in the middle of the room that Hubster has yet to put together *sigh*.  Also, some “non-nursery” items seem to have migrated back in *cough – ironing board – cough*  Regardless, I wanted to take some pictures and update 🙂

View from the door.  As you can see we did get a very nice area rug to help pull the room together… on top of it is the rocking chair (in pieces).  Once it is put together, the rocking chair will go in the corner the changing table/dresser currently resides in, and the dresser will just move down the wall towards the door.  We never did end up painting the dresser…  my step-mom had said she would help since she has lots of experience in the required sanding/priming stuff, (She is very gifted at finding treasures at consignment/thrift stores and remaking them into boutique-worthy stuff) but then we were never able to nail down a date, and now I’m just to large and uncomfortable to imagine doing it now.  Dark brown wood will have to do!

So here we have more pieces of the rocking chair… the box next to it is full of disposable diapers from the last shower (along with the adorable balloons that last FOR-EV-ER!)  The fabric I purchased for curtains? Hanging on the crib… I swear, one of these days I will make them!  Since we still have yet to get the crib mattress, the crib has become a catch-all for a variety of baby gifts including the bedding set (still wrapped up to keep it safe!), blankets and a few other items I haven’t found a home for yet.

The crib, the cross that Hubster made above it (although he hung it before we put the bed there, it needs to be centered over the bed… I’m so crazy about art hanging correctly)  Also a shot into the closet, a few new gifts are hanging up, hand-me-downs I have put in the plastic bins, along with the ~10 the cloth diapers we currently have.  (I had emptied the dresser anticipating having to move it to sand/paint but now that it is clear that wont be happening, I guess I can move the diapers back into the dresser!)

One thing we are very excited about… 2 of the 3 art prints we wanted have arrived, last weekend we went and found some very nice (and affordable!) frames for them.  Say hello to our Scottish Highlander Cow!  *happy dance*

And the sheep!  So cute!  We haven’t hung them up yet, waiting on the 3rd piece (An owl) that will hang in the middle.  They will be put up on the wall with the dresser and rocking chair.  (These two prints came from – a great place to find some really cool stuff for fairly affordable.  Similar to

I am totally in love with the art we chose for the nursery!

A final shot of the bookshelf… we have a handful of baby books and hand-me-down toys on here, but my personal favorite is this beautiful copy of the Grimms Fairy Tales (next to my childhood piggy bank lol)  I can’t wait to read our little girl the original fairy tales!  (I’ve read through this book a little – there are A LOT of very short stories in here – and find myself very humored by some of the absurdly short and especially harsh consequences some characters experience.  Of course, not everything the Grimm brothers wrote could become a classic haha)

No Rest for the Weary

Alrighty, I’ve been meaning to update for several days, but I’ve just been so busy, by the time I actually have time to sit down and write, I just want to go to bed.  I wish I could write something longer, with pictures, but that will have to be another day.

The Job: Is going well.  Last Thursday I had a mini-breakdown before work, as I was trying on various scrubs and trying to determine if it “showed” the bump or not.  I hated the idea that I was hiding my bump.  I love this little girl, and we have wanted her for so long.  It made me feel like I was somehow ashamed of her, to hide the pregnancy?  Hubster was very supportive, and basically said that I should tell them, and if they find some reason to fire me, well, I don’t want to work for someone who would do that anyway.  But of course Thursday was insanely busy and I didn’t get a chance to tell the office manager.  Then we had a 4 day weekend which was wonderful, so Tuesday I went in early and told the woman.  She handled it fairly gracefully.  I’m glad I got it over with, just ripping the band-aid off.  I don’t like feeling like I’m being deceptive.  However, the training this week had been on switch shifts, so I close one night, just to open the next day, and that means VERY little sleep.  However, the woman I’ve been training with has only had positive feedback for me, so I’m feeling good.

The Baby: Also doing good.  Feeling more movement and kicks.  Every hour of work is spent playing a game of chicken with my bladder, trying to decide if I really need to pee, or is she just using my bladder as her personal waterbed?  Because I can’t just go to the bathroom every 20 minutes, we are WAY to busy for that, and most of the time I don’t actually have a significant quantity of urine. So it’s a hoot and a half!  But I’m happy that she’s doing so well.  This month’s midwife appointment was really good, at 23 weeks but my uterus measured 25, almost 26 cm.  Midwife N said that’s because I’m so short (All of 5’2″!) so that it places the uterus more out and up, and then joked that she’s going to be in my lungs before long.  Another future game to keep me entertained at work perhaps?

Projects: Got some sewing done on the baby bonnets with my mom’s help, but the patterns have me stumped without her around to help, so they are just partially completed.  Hubster’s mom sent a package that arrived yesterday, and it was quite emotional.  Included with 3 baby blankets that had been Hubster’s when he was a baby, made by family members, his grandma, great grandma and close family friend.  Needless to say these are beautiful, heirloom, irreplaceable items.  It’s actually kind of scary to think about our baby potentially destroying them, so we agreed we would probably use them for things like “tummy time” when we can keep an eye on baby and blanket to minimize damage to the blankets.  She also bought a couple footed-onesies, and a stuffed horse that rattles and makes crinkly noises.  AND she already bought baby announcement cards!  SO CUTE!  I’m hoping to take pictures of all this stuff soon – it really means a lot to Hubster and I to see his mom be so excited and involved in this pregnancy.

That’s all the time I have, gotta run to work!

On My First Day of Work, My True Love Gave to Me…

Thank you everyone for the congratulations and well-wishes!

The first day went pretty well! I tried to be a sponge and learn as much as possible, and make sure I was always doing something. Hopefully the work ethic showed!

However, between the 5am alarm (which may be normal for some folks, but is about 3-4 hours earlier than I normally get my insomniac butt outta bed) and the fast-pace of the clinic, I’m bushed. But eager to get to work tomorrow!

I can’t remember if I have written in it previously, but we are a big fan of baby hats. But the cute, frilly, ones you find in baby boutiques are usually pretty spendy. So I found a really cute set of patterns for cheap on eB.ay, and today after work (the joy of an early shift = getting off at 2pm!) Hubster and I went and utilized a 60% off coupon at the local Fa.brics … I was impressed that Hubster actually engaged in, and picked out, the fabric! I picked the buttons. I thought for sure he would like something more muted and “neutral” but he picked done very feminine prints 🙂 he is already so in love with this little girl! Check it out!





20120829-212954.jpgAnd YES – I know there’s pink, and we don’t normally like pink, but the blue fabric will be the majority of the hat, the pink fabric will be the ruffle edge.  And it is NOT “Bar.bie pink” or “He.llo Ki.tty pink” (Hubster’s descriptions of the very bright, neon pinks he detests.) it’s fun to see him get excited about something so girly!

After that we went and celebrated my first day on the new job at She.ri’s, mostly because they’re pretty affordable AND Wednesday is “Free Pie” night 🙂 yum! Blackberry Lemon Sour Custard Pie – I could eat an entire pie of that! Sweet and sour and oh so good! Good thing for my waistline we rarely go there. But it was very sweet of Hubster to suggest it today!