My TTC History

Here’s an outline of my TTC journey…

Met my hubby fall of 2003, first year of college.

Married October 2007.

Started TTC August 2009.

6 months of charting showed no change in BBT.  My OBGYN refused to refer me to a specialist until we had been TTC for one year. I called up the local fertility clinic and signed myself up for a consultation.

Bloodwork, vaginal ultrasounds and looking at my 6 months of charts reveals I do not ovulate naturally.

Clomid to the rescue… without a change.  Still no ovulation.

July 2010: Clomid + hSg injection to induce ovulation= first pregnancy. Baby due March 2011.

-First beta was good!
-Second beta: increased but did not double
-Third beta: increased a little, but did not double
-Forth beta: begins to decline
-Went in for ultrasound. Baby had implanted very low, was almost in my cervix. Was informed that miscarriage is inevitable with declining beta. Doctor advises against a D&C, that my body should take it’s natural course. I pull myself together enough to finish the last semester of my degree, and decide to move out to Washington.

September 2010: Move back to WA, but job is located far from my family.  Hubster had to stay in CO, trying to get out of our lease.  Finally have natural miscarriage: Baby was in my body for ~ 4 months.  Serious depression.

October 2010: Lose job, move in with my mom to try and figure out next step.  End up packing up and going back to CO.  Moved back to where this all began in Colorado, got a new job.  Started TTC again.  Without success.

November 2010: Meet R, who is a friend of a friend.  Much bonding over our miscarriages and begin contemplating surrogacy.  Also, after much soul-searching, realize we need a more supportive and spiritually mature church, we discover the Eastern Orthodox church, begin attending.

January 2011: TTC using Clomid and HCG without success.  Doctor orders HSG, everything looks normal.  Feeling defeated, if nothing is found to be wrong, it can’t be fixed.  New friend offers to be a Traditional Surrogate (her egg, Hubster’s sperm, via IUI) but can’t find clinic willing to do an IUI on a surrogate, so try some home-remedies with a Luna Cup.  No success.

April 2011:  R steps back from surrogacy after an injury.  My husband and I decide that we are feeling ready to go back to TTC, and I begin this blog.

Summer 2011:  Move to WA.  Hubster helps me move, but with no job waiting for me, he returns to CO to fight wildfires for $.  I begin working on losing weight, when I had miscarried I struggled with depression and overeating, at one point hitting the scale at 250lbs.

Fall 2011:  Hubster returns to WA.  After all the IF struggles, depression, time apart, he admits to a one night indiscretion with an old friend.  We put TTC on the back-burner as we focus on reconciling our marriage, and waiting until enough time passes that Hubster can be tested clear for any/all STD’s.  I get a dream job as a Vet Tech at a fancy new clinic.  Hubster decides to go back to school for welding.

Winter 2011:  After much counseling and work, Hubster and I have a much stronger marriage.  We are Baptized and Christmated into the Eastern Orthodox church.  Hubster also gets the news that he is STD free, decide to TTC when insurance from my work kicks in.



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