About Me

Hi, welcome to my humble little blog.  🙂  In the space I go by “Bleeding Tulip” or often just “Tulip” but some of my friends just call me “BT”.  I started blogging in spring of 2011, after battling infertility and a miscarriage.  The whole adventure started in the summer of 2009, we finally became pregnant and subsequently lost the pregnancy summer/fall of 2010.  2011 we pursued surrogacy for a few months before that went south… just too many things didn’t work out for everyone involved.  You can read about that at my first blog: http://becominganip(dot)blogspot(dot)com

I learned a lot from that first blog, making my way into the world of the internet infertility community.  I also learned the risks you take when you put your real name out there and saw not just myself, but people I care about come under attack by ignorant, spiteful people.  So this blog will never list my real name, or the real name of any of my family or friends.

My husband and I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and eagerly await the birth of our daughter who I refer to as Seedling.  This blog is a place where I can express my hopes and fears, thoughts and ponderings   A mix of diary and outreach to a community who has also gone through infertility and loss, and now pregnancy and parenting.

My husband and I are Eastern Orthodox Christian, so you may from time to time see references to church, icons, incense, and the saints (to name a few).  While very common in Europe, Orthodox Christianity is still greatly unknown and misunderstood in the States.  If you have a question, please don’t hesitate to ask!  In an attempt to rule out the frequently asked questions, please check out my faith tab 🙂


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