Wibbly Wobbly

It’s been an up and down week.
There is a house on our street that has really outdone themselves with their light display. So I decided to show it to Seedling that evening, as we walked the dogs. She was, understandably, awed. And decided to get a closer look… And went toddling off between their bushes on their front lawn. I was entangled in the dogs and halfway up their driveway (trying to stop her) when the homeowners came home. I just about died of embarrassment. “Sorry folks, I’m didn’t mean to trespass, my kid just really likes your lights.” Thankfully they were very cordial. Lol.
My mom has been out of town on work for a week. After over 24 hours of travel she finally arrived home just as I was trying to run out the door for a babywearing meeting. Seedling ended up staying with her while I left. The meeting was crazy hectic and I had to leave early. I got back and we had a quick lunch then drive to get my mom’s car which was in the shop. I then got a snarky message from our Babywearing group’s leader about me leaving early. Ugh. Stupid drama.
Started the morning with Seedling pulling over my heavy wooden dresser on to herself. Thankfully she’s ok but it was scary and I definitely tweaked my shoulder lifting the heavy furniture off of her. She then threw all her breakfast on the ground and tried to run away from me as it was time to leave. I was grumpy and ended up snapping at her, just over the stress threshold. But we got out to a lovely play date where toddlers got to run about a park on the Tacoma waterfront. An afternoon run to the grocery store was another comedy of errors as I had left my wallet at home, but only realized when I went to check out. -_-
Went to a long awaited OB appointment. I’m just feeling so discouraged. We’ve been trying to conceive kiddo #2 for a year now with no success. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but when I went in and spoke with a the OB basically said that unless I stop breastfeeding, there isn’t anything he can do becayse all the medications aware contraindicated wit nursing. To be fair, he was super nice about it and not pushy. And he advised weight loss. And he insisted that since my cycles are 28-30 days I “MUST” be ovulating. But I’ve been trying to lose weight for the last year, and all my OPK tests have been negative so I really don’t think I’m ovulating. And even if I wanted to wean Seedling, it’s basically impossible with her sleeping in our room. I just feel like every place I turn ends up a dead end! I was looking forward to having a shoulder to cry on but when Hubster came home from work he was obviously not feeling well, and quickly fell asleep on the couch. Seedling snuggled up with him and I’m writing this post.

And that’s my catch up of the week so far. Bleh. You win some, you lose some.


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