I know my previous post today was… A downer.
But tonight, as I was helping get Seedling to bed, I was really hit and overwhelmed by gratitude.

We had gotten teeth brushed, and nighttime diaper on, and were playing on the bed getting the last wiggles out. She would puuuuuull me so I’d flop down dramatically. I’d sit back up and she’d giggle and puuuuull me down again. She’d jump and squat and clap her hands. My daughter is healthy and strong, vivacious. She is overflowing with joy and creativity. Her body and brain works perfectly. I know parents who have had children in the hospital, or children who may never be completely healthy. Watched as parents worried over their children in a way I never have. Seen the pictures fill up my Facebook feed of their children in hospital gowns, with all manner of IV and tubes attached. I am so unbelievably lucky. As much as I long for more children, I am also so fulfilled with Seedling. Strange dichotomy, I know. And so I just want to end the night in this grateful place. ❤ Lord have Mercy on us all.


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  1. Yay I have been wondering (literally in the last week) if you would write here again (obviously never went as far as actually opening up the blog!) and here you are! So get the gratitude for health thing . . . NB just seems so strong and robust and yet I know thats just an illusion when I have seen what other people have gone through with thir kids.
    Amazing to watch them, isn’t it


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