Let’s Try This Again.

So… yeah… long time no see.
I was thinking about the year ending, and New Year’s Resolutions and such, and about how there have probably been a million tiny moments over the last year that were sweet, or a milestone, or whatnot that have been forgotten. So, I really want to try to get back on the horse. Even if it’s just tiny posts. And, we’ve been trying again. For, like, a year. And I’m starting to get a bit discouraged. So having a safe space to express them would be good as well.

Seedling is now almost 2, in just a few short weeks time. I remember being terrified of toddlerhood, and it has been so much better than I had imagined! She is a bit delayed in speech, today was our final speech therapy appointment, we will reassess in 6 weeks. We got home and I made hot cocoa from scratch, and put a few marshmallows. She took it into the living room and drank a few sips, then pulled out all the marshmallows and ate them! As I was in the kitchen she came back in and held up her mug and signed “More!”. I said “But, you still have cocoa.” and she said shook her head no and exclaimed “More! More!” (To clarify, it really sounds more like “Mo!”) I said “Do you want more marshmallows?” and she nodded enthusiastically “Ya! More! More!” so since she had already splattered quite a bit of cocoa on her shirt, I just gave her a small bowl of marshmallows.

And this afternoon was crisp but sunny (surprising for December in Western Washington) and we took the dogs for a walk after her nap. We walked a one mile loop and she walked the entire thing, actually ran the first half (well, ran for her, normal walking pace for me hahaha) and the joy on her face – it was beautiful and precious and infectious. She would randomly exclaim “Mama!” as if I was a sudden revelation, give me a kiss, and keep walking. Ah, I love this kid.

Now if I can continue little updates and hold onto these moments ❤


One response to this post.

  1. Very very long time! I can’t believe she’s almost 2! Wow

    I hope you write more often


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