Booboos, Baby Clothes and Beer

I know I try to put up cute/fun/sentimental moments, but I have to share this sad moment.
This morning as I was getting out of the car, holding Seedling, to go to my momy walking group I tripped on the sidewalk curb.  As I fell my knees took the first impact, and instinctively I flung out my left arm to try and stop the fall (and stoip me from squishing Seedling) but between flinging out my left arm and the jolt from the impact on my knees, my right arm wasn’t enough to hold Seedling and se fell the last foot or so onto the hard sidewalk, smacking her head.  I felt just AWFUL.  Even though the cement was wet I sat right there and immediately scrambled to hold her into my arms, rocking back and forth.  A nice stranger was walking by and asked if I needed anything but I said no.  It was kind of him to ask but there really wasn’t anything he could do.  She had a good cry (which is actually a good sign – no crying could be a sign of trauma) and then I got her snugged up against me in a carrier.  Her pupils were equal in dilation (also a good sign) so I decided to move forward with the walk.  She was totally normal the rest of the day.  She has a good sized goose egg on the back of her head, and a very light bruise on her right thigh, but thankfully my body took most of the impact.  Both knees and my left hand is skinned up pretty good.  But I still feel so guilty.  dropped my baby!  Why couldn’t my instincts have been to turn in mid-air so MY back was the one crashing down, not hers??? *sigh*  I gave her a little ibuprofen after we got home to help with any pain or inflammation.  

In the name of adorable memories, today I pulled out her next size of clothing (24m/2T).  She still fits in her 18m size stuff for the most part, but she is pretty long in the leg (and cloth diapers take up more room) so she is the larger size for pants.  

On the TTC front, less insane “I feel pregnant!” thoughts today, although going off cervical fluid alone, I *think* we timed it well,as CF declined Monday and is almost totally gone by today.  Maybe the bloating/mild discomfort I felt on Monday was ovulation pain?  

Also, one of the moms on the walk was talking about how after her child was born (a home birth) she had a beer,  A milk stout.  (!!!)  That is just awesome in my opinion.  Must be added to the birth plan next go around… 😉


One response to this post.

  1. She’s out growing 18m?!? We’re just weeding out our 12m and finally getting INTO 18m! Oy vey.

    No comment on the boo boo because I don’t want to picture it!


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