Giggles are good :)

Tonight as I was playing with Seedling before her bed time, I was sitting with my back to her dresser. It sits in the middle of one wall, to my left was her door which was closed. Seedling would walk towards the door, then turn and toddle back to me hysterically. I would grab her and tickle her and snuggle her, then set her on her feet and she’s do it again. I tried catching it on video with my phone but she would just get distracted by my phone and not do it. Ah well. There is nothing quite like those little moments. I don’t know what inspired her to start it, what about it was initially so funny. But after a difficult whiney teething day, it was the perfect way to reconnect.

I just adore my silly little girl ❤


One response to this post.

  1. What a lovely moment!! Thank you for sharing! I love those little moments with Cadet!


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