Blonde moment. Blame the uterus.

Today I went to the local baby wearing meeting (I help with the lending library). Afterward a small group of us went out for froyo (yum!) and I suddenly realized my phone wasn’t sitting on the top of my bag. I pawed through with rising anxiety. Checked my coat pockets. One of the moms tried calling me, and I didn’t hear my phone ring. With frustration and fear and hunger I retraced my steps to the library where the meeting was held, bathroom, parking lot, car – no phone. With resignation I walked back to the froyo store. I decided to look through my bag again… And after all that brouhaha I found it, it had slipped down into an inner pocket.
I was SO relieved, and SO embarrassed haha. I don’t know… Maybe it’s because my brain has been elsewhere. Like my uterus.

I have been SO aware of my uterus today. It has this weird “full” feeling. Sometimes when I bend down or lean over in a certain way it is like I can FEEL my uterus. Which, intellectually, I KNOW is crazy. Even if we DID conceive a baby this weekend, I wouldn’t be able to feel anything today. Right?!?! Somebody talk me off this crazy ledge. Maybe my uterus is full of lining and I’m about to start my menses. … Oooor maybe I’m pregnant... Oooor maybe I’m just CRAZY. Ugh.


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