Sleepover and much silliness

Sorry I got behind!
Friday the 24th:
My bestest best friend Jewel is going through a rather drawn out and awful break up. So I invited her to come down for brownies and wine. We made a proper slumber party, complete with sleeping on the floor with a mountain of blankets and pillows, and staying up talking until after 2am! I can’t remember the last time I did anything like that. While I payed for it on Saturday (babies don’t understand sleeping in!) it was wonderful to really reconnect with Jewel.
Saturday the 25th:
Had a very lazy morning and introduced Jewel to the legen(wait for it)daryness of How I Y.our Mo.ther. Much laughter :). I then met a fellow local mom for a turn about the zoo. It was fun to go now that Seedling can actually acknowledge there is SOMETHING there, and I got to know this mom better. She is very sweet, I hoping this grows into a real friendship.

Side note: for the last week or two my cervical fluid has been on the rise, and lately it has been perfectly egg white, and plenty of it. I don’t bother taking my temperature because I’m up frequently with Seedling. However, taking this rise in fluid I decided it may be a sign of impending ovulation, or at least the beginning of my body to think of returning to its cycle. To this end… Saturday evening, even though both Hubster and I were exhausted, I seduced him! 😉 which led to…

Sunday the 26th:
Hubster decided I had unleashed something and he planned a seduction of his own after I finished putting Seedling to bed.

Of course there is much excitement over the “MAYBE COULD WE HAVE MADE ANOTHER BABY?????”, anxiety that I’m setting myself up to be disappointed, and a whole lot of contentment that I got sex TWO days in a row, when we’ve had sex maybe 3 times previously in the entire last year since Seedling was born!

And the TTC, and TWW, begin 🙂


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