Genuine. And Julius.

Yesterday was the funeral. I have so many thoughts and memories. I figured that with Seedling so young (13 months) she wouldn’t really get what was going on. But some people also believe that the innocent (like babies) can see things we can’t, like angels. It’s just that there was one chandelier that every time she looked at it she would get SO upset, so incredibly sad. I had to excuse myself several times. But maybe she was just picking up on the general atmosphere. When the priest spoke about the deceased, while he said many wonderful things, the one that really struck me was that this man was the same at church, at home, out with friends – a genuine person who didn’t have different faces or personas for different groups. While I don’t try to be deceptive or anything I must admit I do find myself acting differently at times based on the crowd I’m in. I think it is pretty natural, but it is something I am inspired to work on. I am going to miss that man, he was just a kind, warm and welcoming person! May his memory be eternal ❤
Today I went and had lunch with a mom friend from church. She showed me her beautiful home and property. They have put in so much work, it's hard to believe it is the same place once sold on a short sale with squatters in it and blackberries overrunning the 5 acres. It was a lovely visit and it ended with a spontaneous making of Orange Julius's! I think Seedling is a fan! 😉


We found the recipe here if you would like to try it for yourself!


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