Musical cupboards

It’s the little accomplishments some days… Since we moved in to our apartment 7ish months ago, my kitchen cupboards have been greatly disorganized. Our apartment lacks a formal pantry so trying to decide how and where to place everything – I couldn’t decide what was best. So it all has been getting thrown in wherever there is space, all higgledy-piggledy!

However, I was inspired to do something as I noticed one shelf was starting to bow under the weight of all the canned (aka heavy) items. I think they got placed there in a sense of “we don’t use these often, so let’s place them high up” but having it all come crashing down wouldn’t be ideal either!

Tonight after Seedling went to bed I rearranged it all. All the heavy items on the sturdier bottom shelf, arranged by cans and soup items, the oils and other liquids. Above that is the lighter things, like pasta and other boxes items. And then in a small cupboard I put all my various flours, sugars and other items for baking. It was kind of stupid busy work but I’m hopeful that this new arrangement will make finding ingredients easier, and with less danger of snapping one of the cheap shelves!


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  1. Posted by Babycrazykiwi on January 22, 2014 at 1:00 am

    Good on you! Must be the season for organisation….so many of my friends have been doing the same kind of things.


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