Sports people were sportsing.

Today was an important day in football (American football, not to be confused with the superior game of soccer) I am fairly apathetic about football but Hubster enjoys it. I had a great time giving him a hard time, with plenty of eye rolls and heavy sighs. But seriously, the two teams he/”we” wanted to make it made it to the Super Bowl. So… Yay? 🙂


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  1. Big LOL at “superior game of soccer”

    I don’t get American football – still trying to understand why it is called football and I can’t get over how crude it looks much like Rugby


    • I don’t understand it either. Soccer, I get. Rugby I think I’d enjoy, except it is rarely shown on our tv cables unless we purchase big “sports channel packages”. I think US football is totally overhyped and they ate constantly making it more complicated.

      You know what games I really enjoy? Board games, and card games. But give me a book and a cup of tea or some knitting and I can survive pretty much whatever it is Hubster wants to watch.


  2. Posted by Babycrazykiwi on January 19, 2014 at 11:58 pm

    Lol this made me laugh. Like how you’re attempting to get into the whole football excitement – not that I’d know anything about it in good ole NZ lol we’re more rugby people here 🙂


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