Shenanigans and nudity

Yesterday Seedling and I drove up to Seattle to have dinner with my cousin Blithe while his husband is away on business for two weeks. I always enjoying hanging out with Blithe. Dinner was delicious, and there was lots of “kid” conversation as Blithe was a nanny, is now a teacher, and he and his husband are just starting the adoption process. Check out some shenanigans đŸ™‚


Today I took Seedling over for a play date with Suzy and her two kids. Very laid back and enjoyable, although we lost track of time and Seedling was an hour late for her nap. Oops! Ah well, “time flies!” Totally hilarious moment: her son (who is 3) had gone to the bathroom and had come back in the room with, no pants. As he was waiting for his mom to help him he decided to sit, lean back on his hands and waggle his hips in the air. Oh, to be so carefree! LOL!


4 responses to this post.

  1. wow just caught up . . . get you, blogging nearly every day! Tell me your secret how!

    Loving the pix of Seedling, very very gorgeous


    • I think my secret is that I revamped how I post. I used to think each post had to be this exhaustive recounting if all my thoughts, emotions and actions. But then I came across this idea to write a short note about a positive thing each day. And so by bringing the bar down, has helped me blog more. I don’t get bogged down in all the details, and so I don’t get overwhelmed before I even start.


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