Curtains and couches

This isn’t a new thing but I don’t think I’ve shared it on here yet:

In Seedlings nursery, the rocking char is in a corner, next to the window. The window has brown blackout curtains, with yellow and grey floral curtains on top. Seedling can reach the yellow and grey curtains when nursing on my left side. And sometimes, she plays peek-a-boo with the curtains. Totally melts my heart, because she doesn’t quite *get* the game. Sometimes she just touches the fabric to her cheek. Sometimes she only covers one eye. But she has so much JOY, it’s infectious.

Also, my mom came over, and in just a few short hours this morning, helped me organize and rearrange my living room and it is AWESOME!

The love seat (on the right) used to be where the playshelf is now, and the playshelf was on the right under the window. Which meant first thing you encountered when you walked in was TOYS. Also, the loveseat was previously unusable it was covered in random boxes, books and Christmas stuff that needed rove in storage.


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