One year visit + snuggles <3

Yesterday was Seedling’s “one year visit” to the pediatrician. It is always so incredible to me to think of all that Seedling can do! As they go down their checklist of “can she…?” And I find myself surprised, but mostly because she has been doing those things for so long, or they’ve come on so slowly, and then suddenly being made aware of it. I have been very aware of her walking, but her communication (while mostly nonverbal) is there! She points and reaches and grunts and whines. She eats a variety of foods – in fact her biggest issue is that she LOVES variety. Meaning she is generally unimpressed with leftovers, and refuses to have a routine breakfast (no scrambled-eggs-every-morning for her!) She is right on track with growth and weight etc. She is just this awesome little person!
Tonight’s “aww” moment:
We’ve been having a rough time this week getting her to fall asleep. As in, two and three hours of wailing, screaming and general gnashing of teeth. Tonight after a looong play session, I grabbed one of my cuddliest wraps (cashmere blend!) and a set of ear plugs… And she was out in less than 30 minutes.
Oh baby sleep snuggles! ❤



2 responses to this post.

  1. What is it with babies and sleeping soundly once they are held close? Mom’s heartbeat perhaps?

    Still hard to believe she’s one already, time really does fly.


    • I know I always fall asleep better when Hubster is next to me in bed! 🙂 On the nights he gets stuck late at work or whatnot, the bed feels very empty. I assume it must be something similar?


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