Entering Toddlerland

Today was a particularly productive day. Grocery shopping, plus prepping two meals in marinade and making dinner! (Thank you emeals.com!)
A new woven wrap arrived today and I used it to carry Seedling as I cooked. Check I out! (Don’t mind her post nap bed head lol)

Then after she ate dinner (she was SUCH a fan of the pork chops!) I offered her a piece of her leftover cake and she finally ate it!!!

But the sweetest thing was our post-dinner play. I was really struck by how much for of a “kid” she is! Interacting with me, initiating little things like peek-a-boo, putting similar toys in a bin together, sitting down with me for a story.

I remember when Seedling was born, and I was so scared of the toddler stage. I found them endlessly annoying irritating, although I thinking can chalk a lot of that up to pregnancy hormones I did indeed have some very real fears. But now that I’m here, entering into Toddlerland, and I’m loving it.

I’m so excited to watch her interests and preferences come out. I can’t wait until she can start doing hobbies! Will she love horseback riding or dance or reading or art or music or Krav Maga or soccer or chess?


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  1. They grow too fast! Love the wrap.


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