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It has been a full holiday season!  In many ways it has felt like a dream – can this be real and true?  I have a baby, a beautiful, inquisitive, determined little girl who I can hug and snuggle and nurse and teach?  I just feel so blessed.

This little girl is a year old she turned one on the 29th while we were visiting Hubsters parents in Montana.

My dear little girl. Even as I find myself missing that tiny newborn, I’m also greatly enjoying watching you grow into your own little person!

I worry that my cycle hasn’t returned. I worry this is it. It makes me want to hold onto each moment so tight.

In other random news we discovered Seedling has a severe lip tie that went undiagnosed. Planning to contact a specialist next week after all the holiday hubbub dies down. We are celebrating Seedlings birthday here with local family and friends this weekend.

On the milestones front Seedling is free walking about half the time and crawling half the time. She prefers drinking out of my cup (with my help) over her soppy cup. Just in the last week or so she has sytarted intentionally placing toys in groupings, as if to “put them away”.  It is beyond adorable.  She won’t keep shoes on her feet. She smiles every time I pull out our prayer book and start saying prayers ❤ She LOVES peaches and apple sauce. Although she is going through a bit of solids regression, not eating much but nursing a ton. I’ve had some moms say this is normal – but I’m not excited to have the liquidy poos back! Lol.

I’m finding more time and energy to knit which has been great. Now to just get back to being a bit more active!


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  1. How time flies. Happy belated birthday


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