Holidays and Apple bits

Ah, the holidays!  We did the abundance-of-turkey (AKA Thanksgiving) and are now in Advent, looking forward to Christmas, Seedling’s birthday and then New Years.  We have a tree up and decorated and for all my stressing, Seedling pretty much ignores it.  Which boggles my mind.  I mean, it has LIGHTS.  And SHINY THINGS.  She looooooooooves lights and shiny things.  But the tree, she is like “Meh”.  Fine by me!

During Advent (40 days prior to Christmas) the Orthodox church observes a fast.  It is normally a meat-and-dairy fast.  But when I spoke with our priest about what I should do since I’m nursing, he told me to do whatever I needed to do to be healthy.  And left it up to me to figure out.  So after a particularly rough day where I consumed 2 (TWO) bags of truffles, I decided that to be healthy I needed to stop with the sweets.  No sugar, honey, agave nectar etc.  I’m retraining my will power as well as my taste buds.  But I never realized how much that would impact how much it feels like Christmas.  No eggnog while tree decorating.  No Christmas cookies while listening to carols.  It is amazing how much food is intertwined with memories!  But I also know that this season is not about drinks or cookies.  And that this “emptiness” is a chance to dig deep into prayer and reading.  Growth is HARD y’all!

Sugar deprivation aside life is good.  The presents are bought and mostly wrapped.  To be mailed on Friday.  Not huge or expensive, just little tokens of affection.  I did a good job of slowly saving up the last few months, that’s the only reason we had money for gifts.

It is all a little extra magical and strange to be celebrating as a family.  I feel like usually I enjoy Christmas but I don’t go crazy, but this year I have moments where I feel like Buddy in the movie Elf, with so much enthusiasm and glee!  All those years of hoping and praying and dreaming and it is HERE!  So I don’t really care if or what presents come, I just snuggle my daughter close and I’m truly content.

Speaking of the little munchkin, here’s a funny story from Monday:
Seedling’s favorite thing to eat is apples. Doesn’t matter if they are sliced, mashed, cooked, she just loves apples.  But recently she has been doing something weird with apple slices.  She bites off a bit, chews on it with her 6 teeth, sucks all the juice out, and then spits out the chunks.  Ok, fine, whatever.  I’m not going to try to force an 11 month old to eat apple bits.  I pick my battles, she isn’t a picky eater.  Normally during meals our dog Emma is either outside or in her kennel, but on this particular afternoon Emma was loose in the apartment.  It is normal that in the course of a baby feeding herself that some amount will inevitably fall to the floor, and Emma will clean it up because that is why you have a dog when you have kids.  To save the vacuum from being overworked.  But by and large Seedling does not intentionally drop food.  She likes food, she wants to eat it.  And when she first started dropping food we ignored it, and she stopped because it wasn’t fun.  We wouldn’t retrieve it, and we didn’t have any entertaining reactions.  So lunch is over and I go to the sink to get the small rag I use to clean up the tray/hands/face/high chair and when I turn around I see Seedling grab a handful of apple bits, lean as far over her high chair as she can, and then drop it.  And watch Emma rush in and eat said apple bits.  And repeat.  With much glee.  Seriously kid??? Let’s not teach the dog to bed… ah, but Seedling just thought this was so fun, I didn’t have the heart to scold her (would scolding a baby do me any good anyway?) so I just cleaned it up.  But it really was very amusing and sweet. ❤


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  1. Posted by Margaret on December 11, 2013 at 9:20 pm

    HiLARious typo making it seem like we have women priests. 😉


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