The Dangers of Showering with a Baby

This evening Seedling and I took a shower.  Seedling loves showers.  About the cutest thing ever is holding her as she reached out one tiny hand and touches the spray from the shower and looks at me with all the joy and wonder an 11 month old posses.

However, tonight there was… er… an incident.  This evening Seedling was playing at my feet as I shampooed my hair and I hear grunting.  I look down and realize she has popped out two turds.  Well, this isn’t the first time she has defecated in water (although that has previously been in a bath by herself) so I sighed, and quickly threw them in the toilet then commences to thoroughly washing my hands.  At least the shower and plenty of soap and warm water!  As I wash my hands I hear more grunting and look down to realize she has pooped again.  On. My. Foot.  Bigger sigh this time, and again into the toilet with it and much washing of hands.  As I’m now conditioning my hair I hear a resounds fart – she has pooped a THIRD TIME, but this time while sitting so now it is squished into the weave of the tub mat.

Much rinsing, washing and playing with the water later, she is currently in jamies playing with her dad on the living room floor.  When I told Hubster the story, his reponse? 

“Well, they don’t tell you about that in the birthing classes!”

No, dear, they do not.


I want to make greater effort to use this blog, specifically for funny stories like these.  I don’t want to forget this laughter-filled moments.  But also, a friend posed this question on facebook a few weeks back: “What would you do if you had 6 months to live?”  I realized that for the most part, I AM DOING IT.  Spending lots of time, love hugs and snuggles with family and friends.  But the one thing I would change would be that I would want to write Seedling letters.  Filled with my hopes, dreams, stories.  So that when she is older, she would have some way of “knowing” me.  While I know of no impending death sentence, the truth is we can go at any time and we have no way to truly predict it.  While I am not trying to be morbid, I DO want to have something that will be around if for some reason Seedling finds need of connecting with me if I am gone.  So, while it isn’t the New Year yet, I figure I am going to make a resolution anyway – to blog more regularly.  My hopes, and dreams, and most definitely more funny stories!


3 responses to this post.

  1. LMAO. I shower with Stella all the time, and she has never done this, but I’m sure she will now that I’ve put those words into the universe!


  2. My nephew pooped into the tub (where he was bathing with his older brother) and then proceeded to… throwing his turds at everyone and everything!!!
    Now that was fun… both while it lasted and afterwards, too – what with all the required cleaning :/


  3. Cadet has done that…kind of…outside and under a sprinkler!


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