I really want to blog.  I didn’t mean to let this go.  UGH.

The issue seems to be that when I finally have a free moment, I no longer have the energy to oranize my thoughts coherently and type them up.

Some catch up.  Seedling is 10 months old.  Wow.  Just, wow.  Lots of funny stories, that I NEED to write down, even if no one is reading this, I want it for myself so I don’t forget!  

But before I totally lose track and try to write up months worths of informtation, get bogged down and overwhelmed and give up, I’m just going to start with where I am today.

I’m tired.  Totally pooped.

I went on a retreat this weekend.  And since Seedling is still nursing, she came with me.  I was stressed it would go horribly.  It actually went fairly smoothly, not PERFECT, but way better than I had anticipated.

Due to fussiness I didn’t get to sit in on all of the lectures (but they video taped them, so when they post them I can go back and re watch – Yay!) but the fellowship with women from my church and surrounding churches was really priceless.

The real issue is, I thought I’d come back refreshed, energized.  But that is totally no what happened.  I’m SO TIRED.  Like, all I want to do is lay in bed. All. Day.  Maybe it’s because I didn’t sleep great (my mattress is Ah-Maze-Ing and makes everything else SUCK.) or maybe it was all the driving (Tacoma to south of Portland – Over 4 hours in the car one way is a LONG drive) or maybe it was something else entirely.  The time change is throwing me for a loop.  I am NOT a morning person, and now Seedling is waking up at her “normal” time, which means I’m getting up an hour earlier.  The upside, we get more out of the day, so I guess I can get over myself.

I almost canceled on working out today.  (Oh, ya, that’s new – a woman in my babywearing group who is a fitness trainer started a work out class while babywearing.  It’s awesome!) But no, I went.  Got my butt handed to me.  Then ran several errands including grocery shopping.  By now I’ve done dinner and all that and I really wish hubster was here to do the bath/story time/bed time routine thing.  No dice.  Eh.  I should get off here as Seedling is getting very tired of sitting in her high chair.  G’night y’all!


One response to this post.

  1. Hearing you! Brain working + spare time = yeah right. Workout with babywearing sounds good . . . you know you can kinda enter this on MFP (if you are using that app): “walk carrying child”. I’m sure there’s things like squats and other horrendous exercises to be done too, I just rest assured that I’m actually burning more cals if carrying her (so am more justified to go and eat more cake 😦 )

    Good to see you writing here


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