Hello out there?

I know it’s been forever.

I wish I did a better job of updating. Of commenting. It’s a lot just to keep up and read!

I wish I had done a better job of using this space to chronicle things, like an electronic baby book.


Anyway… Seedling missed her afternoon nap because I had to go into the DSHS office. So i thought Id put her to bed early… only it turns out that was just a very late nap because she woke up and is AWAKE, so I’m now waiting for her to wind down so we can ho back to bed. 2 hours of sitting, pacing, rocking Seedling (who was about as well behaved as you could wish for an 8 month old!) at DSHS and I discovered why our food card has not been refilled with food stamps. Since Hubster has been pulling extra hours at work, we are now just over the threshold for qualifying for food stamps.

On one hand, the extra income has been great. And of course, our goal is to be an independent, self sustaining family. I don’t want to be a mooch!

But on the other hand… We really don’t make THAT much. And losing $500 in grocery money is going to be hard. Really hard.

But let me back up a bit. The summer has been great. I took Seedling camping with our church to Mount Rainier (while Hubster worked, poor man) and then we went camping as a family out in the coast. In the course of the month of August Seedling started crawling, mastered sitting up, got in her first two teeth, babbled/said “dada” and then started pulling herself up to standing! All I can hope is that she takes a little break in the milestones department so I can wrap my head around it all!

I’ve been super busy between all the fun things with my Attachment Parenting group, and acting as Assistant Librarian for my Baby wearing Group (we have a library of various baby wearing paraphanelia) and our church. Not to mention weekly visits with my mom… It has all be good but very busy. But I think I like it that way. I’m just not good at having an empty calendar.

I’m turning more energy towards getting in shape. My diet has really gotten pretty dismal. A lot of grains/carbs and boxed meals. My weight was creeping up, my feet were hurting, my energy tanking… I had a tiny bit of spotting about two weeks back and that helped slap me back to reality that once my cycle comes back we want to be trying for another baby. And I be to be healthy for that.

I’m excited for fall, we’ve had some spectacular misty cool mornings and I’ve been reaching for long sleeves and hot tea ❤ I'm excited for our first holiday season with a baby! We are hoping to spend some time with Hubsters family in November (but not on thanksgiving – tickets are twice as much for that!) and while I'm a little anxious to see how a visit with the in-laws goes, I also want Seedling to have lots of opportunities to know her grandparents. Especially since she sees my mom weekly and is so close with her – its only fair we make an effort with the in laws.

I've been thinking about Halloween costumes and Christmas cards and even Seedlings first birthday! (How is she so close to being ONE???)

The biggest, most immanent, priority though is reworking our budget. It's all in a flummox because Hubster is pulling extra hours but now we don't have food stamps, but on the 23rd he returns o school and we aren't sure how his current work schedule is going to fit with his classes… Basically we just need to batten down the hatches and be as frugal as possible but I just haven't had time to sit and go through it all to figure out where we can trim and cut. Seedling, being mobile, needs constant supervision which makes sitting down and immersing myself in bills and paperwork oxymoronic. Hoping my mom can take her for a few hours on Friday so I can do such boring, responsible activities.

And now I leave you with some recent pictures!








7 responses to this post.

  1. When did she get so big! Standing up, eating carrots!!!! Wasn’t she born just the other day. It’s true they grow too fast


    • Well, admittedly since she only has two tiny bottom teeth, she wasn’t so much EATING the carrot as PLAYING with it, but still, very cute. She can eat steamed carrots though!


  2. Wow, she is getting big!! And what a sweetie!


  3. She is so cute! Wow, so big!!! 🙂 I was actually just looking at your blog yesterday, wondering if I had somehow missed a post or something. LOL. Glad you’re back and everyone understands how crazy life gets. Sucks about the food stamps. It’s like the system is set up to keep you down… to make you a lifer. I’ve had that opinion for years… but it was never so poignant to me as when my cousin, who is a full quadriplegic … shoulders down, no movement at all… was kicked off of disability because (his wife was working full time as a medical secretary to support the family) and he dared to pick up a part time job so she could afford some college tuition to try and make their situation better. Kicked off all the way over a measley $75 a month. No disability benefits for a QUAD! And I worked at a vascular surgeon’s office at the time and saw many people get full disability benefits over stinking varicose veins. Seriously with this? My cousin is paralyzed from the neck down and he can’t have any benefits because he barely went over the allowable (trying to better their situation), but this nutcase here can get full benefits because of varicose veins? Ridiculous! Anyway, end rant. LOL. Sorry. I’m just saying that it’s ridiculous. I hope you find a way to make it work!


    • Wow. Well, we don’t have any disability, and sincerely I’d rather see resources go to people in need.

      Do I wish we still had it? Yes. But I also think that we will find a way to get by. We have an amazing, supportive church as well as my parents close by, so even if we don’t particularly like a food or dish, I have confidence we won’t starve.


  4. Oh my gosh, she is so big! And super cute!


  5. such a precious smile!
    I hope you will figure out the financial situation – it usually sorts itself out, one way or another… whenever I found myself in a situation like this, I cut out all eating out/ordering in: it’s amazing how much money it actually costs vs. cooking!


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