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Ugh.  I suck at blogging.  I have a post I started on my phone and never finished.  So I’m taking advantage of my insomnia and writing something.

Life is full and I love it.  I can’t get over the fact that Seedling is 6 months old.  I cannot believe she has been in our lives for 6 months.  In one way, it feels like she has always been with us, we have always been a family.  Like the time before Seedling is this distant hazy memory.  But then other times it feels like it was just last week that I was in labor and gave birth and she was this tiny thing in newborn sized clothes.  Now she’s filling out 9-12 month sized stuff!  I remember looking at some of the 9-12 month onesies when she was in newborn sizes and thinking she’d never get THAT big. And now she is.  It is the craziest oxymoron I’ve ever lived.

Some stats from her 6 month pediatrician checkup:
Weight 16lb 2oz (50th percentile)
Height 27.25in (90th percentile)
Head circumference 41.9cm (45th percentile)
Pediatrician seemed pretty happy with where she is at, aside from pushing me to start giving her solids (meh).

After observing friends do the puree food thing, and BLW (Baby Led Weaning) I decided I had ZERO interest in spoonfeeding.  So we are BLW and LOVE LOVE LOVING IT!  If you are interested, there are tons of great books and websites, but here’s a few to get you started:
And the best book EVER. “Baby Led Weaning” by Tracey Murlett and Gill Rapley.

The last two weeks Hubster has been laid off.  Which is a mixed blessing.  I was getting so sleep deprived and burned out, the timing was perfect to have an extra hand so I could get caught up on sleep, get some unpacking done, and take a few showers.  It has been absolutely beautiful to watch Seedling and Hubster bond like crazy.  It’s made us all realize just how sucky his work-and-school-17-hour-days really are.  But of course we gotta pay the bills.  He’s been hunting like mad for a better job, but no luck and they called this week to have him start Friday the 12th.  I’m not looking forward to going back to the lonely days but again, bills gots to get paid!

Oh, and don’t think I was gonna let you all go without some incredibly adorable PICTURES!!!  (PS-I think I have come up with a flower idea too… Who wants to know???)

ImageImageThese pictures are from May 5th, on Pascha (our “Easter”)

580275_10151487547213757_20314100_n Taken over Memorial Day Weekend.

5396_10151519566358757_16345569_n 969183_10151519408693757_366860154_nAll fancy in California at my brother’s graduation.

1001340_10151549599948757_803868251_nTaken June 29th – Officially 6 months old!

1010287_10151551063923757_1747154861_nJuly 1st – I can’t get over how big her hands have become!

1000079_10151563179193757_988419582_n 998017_10151551612888757_99587784_nBaby Led Weaning!  Why, yes that IS a 6 month old mouthing down on cucumber sticks, celery and chicken (just to name a few things she has tried)

1069293_10151570340368757_907905662_nAll zonked out with her lambiekinz.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Oh such a cutie!!! And look at you, looking like a greek statue of sexy mama in that black dress! Wow! I’m sorry/happy that hubby got laid off… such a stressful blessing! And even more happy/sorry that he found work again. LOL. I totally relate to that, hubby working full time and school full time. It’s brutal, but necessary. Just hoping it doesn’t last forever… because it feels like it will last forever. LOL. Good luck!


  2. Just popping by quickly to say “hello”!! Seedling is adorable! I’m glad you got a small break!!


  3. You’re right, she really is so big! How time flies!


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