Insomnia Crazies

I’m gonna throw some quick math at you:
-May 17th. Seedling is 4.5 months old. First/only time Hubster and I have sex since her birth.
-Approximately 1 month ago is when emotions went all wonky crazy. I suggest taking a pregnancy test – not actually expecting anything, mostly to put my crazy mind at ease. Hubster agrees I’m most likely crazy, but why not? I get busy, and convince myself I’m crazy, don’t ever take it.
-Approximately 1-2 weeks ago I start having uterine twinges. I assume it must be impending first cycle. I start staring at toilet paper waiting for my big fat CD1 to appear. But I’m also heavily distracted by life, figure it will show up any day.
-Tonight is now 6 weeks post coitus. Having uterine twinges. It feels … “Busy”. When I lay on my tummy on the bed my lower abdomen feels “full”.

I’m totally crazy. I know. But what if? WHAT IF?!?! Bahhhh!!!! Now that the thought has entered my brain I. CAN. NOT. SLEEP!!! (Ive been trying for 3+ hours) I want to POAS so baaaad! Just so it can say “No, hello, you are crazy! Not pregnant! Get yo ass in bed and sleep!” (Because pee sticks say stuff like that)

I want to wake Hubster up and send him to a 24 hour drugstore. RIGHT NOW. But I know he would NOT be amused and would not comply.

But WHAAAAAT IIIIIIFFFF???? Would that explain all these crazy intense moods and insane hunger? Oh man, but if I am… I’ve totally dropped the ball on taking vitamins. I’ve taken occasional insomnia meds (apparently I should have TONIGHT!). I went in a FREAKING PLANE!!! Do you realize the radiation exposure??? Uggghhhh!

I wish there was some home-remedy-test. Like pee on baking soda while you stand on your head or something… But if course if there WAS such a thing, no one in the ALI community would be shelling out paychecks on tiny plastic-y paper strips, now would they? (Also, that would take some insane skillz to pee on baking soda WHILE standing in your head. Where do I come up with this stuff???)

*whimper* I’m so tired and I’m so crazy.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Babycrazykiwi on June 30, 2013 at 12:02 pm

    Wow. I watch with baited breath. So cool if you are!


    • Well, just took a test. Negative. Even though I knew it was a super-slim shot I’m still feeling disappointed. I’m trying to see the silver lining that my period MUST be eminent and that gives me something to track. But still… Feeling a bit glum.


  2. I have sticks. I’ve peed on plenty of them over the last 6 months or so, ya know, just to be sure. I just bought ovulation strips too because I finally had my first period. Now K is so laid up, even if I do ovulate naturally for the first time in my life, we probably won’t be able to do anything about it.


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