You Ladies Rock

Thank you.  All of you.  It really helped to start the day off on a better foot to wake up to those very kind and encouraging comments.  Needless to say, today is a better day.  I of course feel the need to over-analyze why I got into the spiral.  But it’s not anything that complicated really,

Step1-travel.  It’s always tiring, even when it is mostly fun and awesome.  Blend with the fact that there were a lot of “Oh, don’t do X the way you are doing it, do X this way.”  While the comments have the very best of intentions, from family who loves me and Seedling, sometimes a person just needs to hear “You’re doing an awesome job.”  The real culprit is that as mothers we are told “Listen to your gut, to your instinct”.  And so we do.  Only to be told we aren’t doing it right.  So Logic would lead us to realize our instinct is wrong.  Well CRAP, ensue writhing insecurity and mild panic because I CAN’T TRUST MY INSTINCTS.
Step2-Sick Baby.  The child is crying.  A lot.  And looking to you to fix it all.  Which of course you can’t because you lack the magical properties to remove illness  But in this time of being tired and insecure, it compounds the negativity.
Step3-Add on a sick dog for good measure.
Step4-And oh yeah, come home to a giant “about to move” mess.

Voila, you get raging exhaustion and depression.  But thanks to a good minimal nights sleep and lots of encouragement from you all and Hubster I’m definitely feeling on the mend. I know I need to be better about asking for, and accepting, help.  I’m admittedly paranoid about unintentionally burdening anyone.  wow, I have a lot to work on, eh?  All in good time… Baby steps and all that 🙂


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