Yesterday was a great day!

For starters, a mom from my Attachment Parenting group swung by to lend me a couple different carriers. (We have a babywearing group lending library. Talk about AWESOME!) I’m trying to figure out what carrier(s) I will take on our trip to California to keep me and Seedling as comfortable as possible. (No, we won’t use a stroller. It’s a personal, parenting-style based decision.)

Then my friend from church M came and picked up Seedling and me and took us to the beach with her six year old son I will call Sunny, and Sunny’s best friend G. Getting out if my apartment was AMAZING. And the fact that she was willing to pick us up and include us REALLY meant a lot to me. Fresh air, warm sun, water, sand, and comfy grass – what’s not to love? I did make sure Seedling and I had on sunscreen, and a sun bonnet on the baby. Gotta keep the skin sunburn free!

Then to round out the day my friend Suzy dropped by with boxes for our move and we had a little visit. She and I have just been so busy and on opposite schedules, it was nice to catch up a little and hear how her slice if life is going 🙂

The introvert in me couldn’t do that much socializing EVERY day, but after so much time stuck home alone it was absolutely a breath if fresh air I desperately needed. I am so grateful to all those friends for finding time for me in their busy lives!

Today we got my car back. The mechanic really went through it with a fine tooth comb and believes he has fixed everything. We shall see….

And now for a sampling of beach fun!:










2 responses to this post.

  1. Cool! I am glad you’ve been getting out a bit. The beach is always a good place to feel renewed!


  2. Oh I get the introvert thing… in fact I think I’ve passed that and gone straight onto hermit level. LOL. The beach looks glorious! And seedling is beautiful!!! Wow! She is pretty! 🙂


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