To the Power of Five

Today (Thursday 5/30/13) was a big day. Seedling and I went to visit my friend J and her daughter C. Seedling is now 5 months old (What?! FIVE?? How did that happen!) and it was very surreal to see my daughter next to a 5 day old baby. To realize she really isn’t that tiny anymore. Our day is no longer a stream of eat-sleep-poop. She is sitting up with help. Even standing with (a lot of) help. She has an ever expanding repertoire of squeaks, squawks, grunts and giggles. She can reach, grab and bring things to her mouth. We play endless hours of tickle games, singing along to music, dancing about the apartment. Heck, today was some major milestones of her rolling from her back to her tummy. And this evening succeed in getting her left big toe in her mouth.

Don’t get me wrong – I am loving this stage. But I get nostalgic, knowing she will never be that teeny tiny again. She won’t spend entire days in a milk-enduced food comas.

I’m thankful we still have lots and lots of time ahead if us. Although I’m aware (and terrified) of how fast it will go!

The little girlies, 5mo Seedling and 5do C:




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