I Feel Like a Real Girl!

That’s right folks, it’s not just Pinocchio that struggles with this being-a-human-being-thing! Autonomy, what’s that again?!

This afternoon my mom came and watched Seedling so I could go do something that harkens back to high school.

I bought a gown. I know, I know. The same lady who struggles to fit in time for showers and clean clothes went DRESS SHOPPING! *insert squealing girly sounds here*

This summer my brother will graduate from a very prestigious test-pilot program, and the graduation is black tie. Yes, I do still have some of my fancy dressed from high school… But I’m 75lbs heavier than I was back then, and I just had a baby. No way I’m fitting back into them anytime soon! The dresses I do have are fine for a Sunday brunch, a summer wedding, dinner date with Hubster… But no grown-up formal dress. And that seems like a basic wardrobe item. Not that I run in upper crust circles, but as we are moving toward a more adult stage of our lives, who know when we could be invited to a formal dinner party, or perhaps one of these days I will finally be able to convince Hubster to take me to the Opera or to a Ballet! *starts day dreaming about fancy theater outings…*

So back to dress shopping. I did a little Internet shopping ahead of time to get an idea of styles and prices. It was a little strange to leave the apartment today with only my purse. No juggling of purse+diaper bag+car seat. I got to the local mall and parked by the department-store of choice, and went in. I wandered the dress area… Most either too casual (aka not full length) or way too matronly (I’m not 98!) or they were for teen-prom (ok, I’m dress shopping but I’m not 18). I found a few in my taste and size to try, but not “the” dress I had loved online. The customer service lady told me they didn’t have any, but a store an hour away did or she could order it for me. No way I have the time to drive an hour for a dress. I tried on what I had found, and a similar dress to what I liked made by the same brand. It was pretty easy to see that what they had was ok, but not great. So I ended up ordering “the” dress, and got the size based on the same-brand dress I had tried on… Here’s hoping it is as awesome in person as in expecting. On the upside, free shipping and 10% off, if I have to return or exchange it I won’t have lost money on shipping and the event isn’t until June.

And now… What you’ve all been waiting for…. “THE” dress!




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  1. Pretty pretty 🙂 how nice to go shopping for such an occasion.


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