She’s got the ‘flux

Working my way through “The Happiest Baby on the Block”, I’ve made lots of little changes to help manage the Midnight Fussies.

In doing so, I started to notice a bit of a pattern. Day and night, about 50% of her feedings she would scream. She would clearly be hungry, giving me lots of cues, but arch her back and pull off the nipple. Didn’t seem to matter if it was breast or bottle, my milk or formula. The only difference was she seemed easier to calm during the day when she was not as tired. And feeding her in the Ergo, sitting upright, helped about 90% of the time.

Friday night Hubster and I felt pretty convinced this was more than just the extra-fussy 6-7 week old time frame, but possibly gastric reflux. But of course the pediatrician was closed o er the weekend.

We got her in today, and after a brief exam (my 8 week old snuggle bug weighed in at 10lb 7oz!!!) and a description of the symptoms, our pediatrician agreed it sounded like reflux. (The pediatrician actually asked if we had noticed a few things and I was like “Yes! I didn’t even realize that was abnormal!”)

So per the insurance requirements we have to start with one medication our pediatrician said isn’t the most effective(ranitidine), but if in a weeks time we don’t think it’s improved than she can get us a better medication. Ah the politics of insurance crap…

She also said if she had some breakthrough reflux pain we could give a single dose of mylanta.

Tonight Seedling seemed pretty chill following her first dose but as the evening progressed the reflux symptoms reared up. We shall see what this next week brings.

So I’m up pacing the apartment as she fitfully dozes in the ergo. And I will leave you with some adorable pictures 🙂

The last one is from our little professional baby photo shoot ❤ all rights go to Camellia Images … To see more photos of that shoot you can read her blog at





6 responses to this post.

  1. Oh, I am so sorry you’re dealing with reflux. That’s hard. I wish you the best!!


  2. Hope she gets over it soon!


  3. Tina didn’t get any better until we switched from Zantac to Prevacid. I think she’s pretty much outgrown it by now and hasn’t really needed any for a few weeks. Reflux was also a reason she slept in her bouncy seat or swing so much in the beginning.


  4. Oh, those pictures are so precious! She is so pretty!!! My first had reflux, and would fully projectile vomit at night, it was freaky. Hope you can find a solution that works for her, and soon!


  5. Obviously I like the pictures not the reflux! She’s such a cutie, just too cute pretty beautiful. Lovely pictures

    It’s been a few weeks already, hope the reflux has subsided


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