A more recent update

By all means, please read my post from earlier today. If for nothing else, to listen to the song that is *my* song to Seedling. But that was a post a month in the making. Here’s some more current news:

-Twice this week Seedling fell asleep before her standing 2am time slot. One was midnight. The other (last night) she fell asleep by 10:30, getting Hubster and me to bed by 10:45. And she stayed asleep until 5! * happy dance * of course I won’t expect that to happen tonight (I’d rather be pleasantly surprised than disappointed) but its an exciting step in the right direction. At 7 1/2 weeks old I’m thinking we are on the back slope of the fussiness bell curve.

-I cannot believe this Saturday she will be 8 weeks old!!!! She is officially out of newborn clothes, solidly in the 0-3 month sizes.

– I’ve been working on slowly reading “The Happiest Baby on the Block” and while I’m holding out on agreeing with everything (some of the authors ideas of how/why we evolved seem lacking in evidence) the parts about recreating the womb make a lot of sense and what we’ve incorporated seems to be working! Loud white noise, for us we chose the sound of rain, (thank you WhiteNoise App!) and firm jiggling seems to be helping work through “the midnight fussies”. I suck at swaddling but the Ergo, with its snug body hold, seems to have a similar effect, and this week we finally figured out nursing in the ergo so we have “Shushing”, “Swinging”, “Swaddling” and “Sucking” down.

-Today has been a day of bodily eruptions. This morning, while changing a wet diaper Seedling projectile-pooped EVERYWHERE. Several prefolds, wipes, and the changing cover we’re taken down in the assault. This afternoon I took Glen to the local dog park so he could run off some of his excess energy and I could walk and get some exercise. When we got home our other dog Emma had vomited, urinated and diarrhead all over her kennel, blankets and herself. The blankets (technically old towels) went into the trash and I cleaned up the kennel and dog as best I could. This evening I woke up from a nap with Seedlinf to discover one of the cats had vomited all over the bathroom. *cue heavy sigh as cleaning commences once again*

Needless to say, I’m not feeling bad about consuming pizza and coke tonight. And chocolate. There will be consumption of chocolate!


3 responses to this post.

  1. You deserve some pizza, coke, and chocolate after that day! That’s a whole lot of bodily eruptions for one lady to clean up! LOL. Hope that things continue to get better sleep and fussiness wise! It’s amazing how much better you feel with even just an “extra” 30 minutes or an hour of sleep… and then hopefully another hour being added soon… and another, and another. LOL. Clear up until you’re at a full night’s sleep again. 🙂


  2. Ha ha ha ha ha – ok it’s really not funny but was coincidence and aLl in one day. You definitely deserve the special treat. Hope seedling’s sleep pattern is a precursor to what the future holds. Happy 8 weeks, time really does fly 🙂


  3. ew, my idea of hell, or ‘hurl’. You deserve gastronomic treats to compensate for what others could not digest fully


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