A little more level headed

Thank you all for the outpouring of support. I can’t tell you all what it means to me!!!!!!!!! I live this community *warm fuzzy*

I will put in another call to LLL today. Yesterday (Sunday) ended up being quite crazy day. We didn’t sleep well, Saturday night, then overslept and rushed out the door to get to church. As this was my first visit back to church since Seedlings birth there was a “Churching” where the priest comes back and says prayers over the newborn in the Narthex (entrance) which was very sweet… After liturgy was over everyone wanted to see the new addition during coffee hour. It was heartwarming to realize how many people have been thinking about us and praying for us ā¤

Then home to pump and feed Seedling. Yesterday I didn't try to nurse much – I wanted to compare how much I was producing (about 1ounce per breast per feeding for a rough total of 2 ounces) compared to how much Seedling wanted to eat (about 3 to 4 ounces per feeding… Although at one feeding she readily ate 5 ounces!). So now I know I have a deficit of about 2 ounces.

Then to the grocery store… Needed some basic food items and wanted to see what my formula options were. I had been feeding a free sample of Similac but didn't feel very comfortable with a lot of the ingredients… Found an organic formula at the store to try, I just wish it was milk only without soy, but I couldn't find an organic formula that didn't contain soy! (There are a lot of concerns about what soy does to the estrogen levels…) but at least I can pronounce most of the ingredients in this formula so I don't feel as anxious if she is having it as part if her nutrition.

Then back home… Tried to get some napping in, but Seedling had slept all through church and most of the grocery experience, so I only got a little. But, when we gave in to the fact that she was awake and had play time/tummy time, she reached out and grabbed her toy for the first time!!! She has done some reaching before, but this was the first reach-and-grab, and I’m so glad Hubster got to witness it!

The next amazing thing? She slept from 8:30pm to 3am… I didn’t get up to pump after my 9pm pumping, which hurt my boobs and will impact my supply… But after the serious lack of sleep, stress and emotionalism, MAN did it feel good, great, better than sex to get 6 hours of sleep!

I’m a new woman who can handle anything now!

Picture of Seedling with her links she grabbed šŸ˜€



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  1. Such a cutie pie


  2. I’m glad you’re feeling so much better today, but sorry I missed the meltdown moment. Wanted to offer support anyway. My body never would make milk, which totally sucked, but I’m so grateful for formula!!! Also, the extra sleep will totally help your milk supply… you can’t make milk without sleep and food. Anyway, good luck with all this! I’m sure you’ll know what to do. I loved fenugreek because (even though I still couldn’t produce milk while on it), it made me smell nice even when I hadn’t slept or showered all freaking week… I smelled fresh as a rose. When I went off of it, I suddenly smelled like moldy cheese. LOL. She’s a beauty!!! Hang in there sweetie!


  3. Sorry this is a quick comment, but I’m on my phone. I just wanted to say that a lot of women (myself included) don’t respond as well to the pump as they do to actually BFing (though after pumping for a month or so I started responding much better), so even though you only got 2oz while pumping, that doesn’t mean that he is only getting that much. Also, ALL babies take more from a bottle – it’s just so much easier to eat. My point is that I would guess it’s closer to a 1 oz deficit instead of 2. Stick with it lady! Supplement if that’s what feels right to YOU and your doctor and don’t let other people get in your head about it. I just wanted to lend you my two cents from my experience with pumping/etc!


  4. You don’t lack milk, not necessarily. No pump can suck as much milk of you, as a baby can – and that’s a fact! Hang in there. You both will get over this!


  5. I just wanted to pipe in and say that breastfeeding can be tough, but you can do this! I would also not compare your pump output to what your baby is eating. A baby is far more efficient than a pump will ever be. Def. contact LLL, and here is a great resource for breastfeeding moms: kellymom.com You can find articles on how to bottle feed the breastfed baby as well. I think you will find that a 5 oz bottle is more than you little one really needs, but since it comes so easy from a bottle she will drink it. šŸ™‚ Keep at it momma… it’s soooo worth it to have breastfeeding as a tool as a momma.


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