Tears from both of us

I have all these half finished loss, trying to update and document the first month of Seedling’s life. But I’m exhausted and have only tiny snippets if free time and free hands and in this moment all I can do is sit and cry because Seedling is outpacing my milk sipply. I pump and pump and let her nurse (for hours at a time) and its not improving and it’s really hard to pump and hold a crying, hungry baby at the same time and I thought today would be better because Hubster would be home to hold her, rock her, play with her etc while I live at the pump and get no sleep but he had to work and I’m just so incredibly OVERWHELMED.



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  1. Please, please, please call your local La Leche League chapter today! They are able to help. ❤


    • I did call, had to leave a voicemail, but it was the best I could do for today.


      • I know how hard and heart wrenching it is when your baby cries for more and you simply haven’t got it. I also had milk supply issues with Timothy around 3 or 4 weeks, and we persevered! It’s a growth spurt. Drink LOTS of fluids and eat nuts and cheese to make your milk more fatty… And pump each side for 10-15 minutes after each nursing. It’s hard and annoying – but it helps.

        Don’t worry, Le Leche League will call you back. They did call me back.

        Hugs – you will figure it out!

      • Thanks Tanya! It’s always comforting to know I’m not the only one to go through something. And I got nuts yesterday!

  2. (((Hugs))) I have no advice other than to do what you can and then let it go. You can’t beat yourself up if your body isn’t cooperating. You’re doing the best you can. Keep doing what you’re doing, Love on and enjoy your daughter while you wait for a call back from LLL.


    • Of course they called back while I was sleeping! the whole thing felt so much more emotional since Seedling didnt let me nap all afternoon… 4am to 4pm is a long stretch to go without sleep!

      Oh, I just have to laugh… Will try to call them again tomorrow.


  3. I’m so sorry hun. You must be so frustrated. Maybe see if your local hospital has a lactation consultant phone line to call and get help? Drink lots of water in the mean time. I’m sending you lots of milk producing vibes!!!


    • Thank you Izzy! I swear I’m drinking like a fish, I have a giant water cup (like the size of a “big gulp” and I go through it several times a day. I’ve been trying to be extra aware of my nutrition the last few days… That’s the hardest thing, remembering to take the time to eat. It’s so tempting to say “I will eat later and nap now!”


  4. Oh K! I’m so sorry you are having hard time. The first six weeks of BFing can be so very difficult. Yes, please call your local LLL, or see if your MW can recommend a lactation consultant (preferably one that will come over). And please believe that anything you need to do to in the short term (even if it means a little supplementing – I did it!) is going to be just fine in the long run. You are working hard to the best for Seedling and that’s the biggest thing in the world! Proud of you no matter what!

    I had some supply issues at first as well because of my PCOS and a breast reduction in my early 20s. My LC recommended some herbal drops to me that worked wonders. They are called Mother Love “More Milk Plus” and really, really helped me. Please check with your MW and/or LC, but I found they helped enormously!

    Here are the drops: http://www.motherlove.com/product/530-More-Milk-Plus.html

    I found the alcohol-free kind tasted worse, and the capsules were not as effective as the drops.

    Hang in there girl, no matter what path you find yourself on. You are doing your very best and it *is* good enough!!!


    • The drops sound interesting, looks like they are sold at some local stores, next time I get a chance to go out I will look for them! Thank you somuch for the encouragement!


  5. Hang in there, hon. Have you heard of ‘lactation cookies’ – maybe google for a recipe. I think its got Brewers yeast in, and linseed, and sounds like a damn good reason to get Hubster to bake you up a batch?


  6. No advice or help from this corner. No experience whatsoever.

    Just sending you loads of hugs and kisses and praying that this phase passes as quickly as it came.

    Ps: You can update this header now “I’m a daughter, sister, aunt and wife. And about to add “Mom” to the list!”


    • Thank you for the hugs, kisses and prayers!

      Lol, ya, I do need to update the header! But since I basically only have access to post from my iPhone (laptop is too big to handle while nursing or holding Seedling) I don’t know how to update the header from my phone… Next time I’m at the laptop!


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