Went in this morning, contractions averaging 6 to 7 minutes apart, about 30 seconds long. Had to wait for about 40 minutes because Dr.B had an emergency c-section this morning. He goes to check my cervix, 4 cm dilated! Baby was still a little high, he wanted to break my bag but I said no. Even with the ultrasound from last week he kept insisting the baby must be big and wanted to try and speed things up, telling me to go do some “vigorous walking” and come back at 1:30 to be reassessed. After consulting with Doula P and Hubster I am going to attempt a nap to conserve energy and then go for a medium walk. After the doctors exam I’m finding the contractions are feeling more intense, and coming closer to every 5 minutes… Not sure I can nap through them but its worth a try! Jewel has been called and is on her way down too… Hubster came home from work but wanted to run to the store for a few last minute things… I’m just trying to balance all the excitement with staying calm and centers. Ok, off to nap… Maybe try a shower first?


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  1. Yeay! Stay at home as long as you possibly can! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers today!


  2. Posted by Babycrazykiwi on December 28, 2012 at 11:17 am

    Good luck during this very exciting time!! Can’t wait to hear when she’s arrived.


  3. So exciting!!! I love the shift of energy in a room when labor gets going. Best wishes


  4. Ooooh exciting. I got your card yesterday (thanx!!) was thinking about you, that it wouldn’t be long now. Isn’t it actually your due date today anyway?


  5. Oh. Oh. Oh. Sooooo exciting! Can’t wait for the post announcing that baby girl is here! 🙂


  6. Exciting!!!

    Good for you for holding off on breaking the bag of waters. A couple hours/days wont make a huge difference on baby size at this point, and really, a 6# baby and a 10# baby can feel the same if their heads and shoulder widths are similar (or depending on their position as well). I really wouldn’t put much stock (or worry) into baby size.

    Can’t wait for your next update!! Praying all is going smoothly for you and your baby!!


  7. Holy shit! I agree with others…stay at home as long as you can! OMFG! Seedling!


  8. Woohoo!!! So exciting!!! I hope your Doula can make it on time, and that hubby’s back is in good enough shape to help you through it all! Yes, sleeping through it is SO difficult, but even if you can just relax and rest, it will help your energy level a lot! So excited! Let us know!!!!


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