Pretending Like I Have Some Control

Well, turns out they must have just been Braxton Hicks. I don’t know if The contractions slowed down enough so I could sleep, or if sleeping caused them to slow down, but I was able to get some sleep and when I woke up the contractions were back to being really mild and much further apart. Although the “bloody show” continued through the night… Which basically is a lot of cervical mucus looking light pink or apricot colored, from capillaries in my cervix bursting as the cervix is softening.

Through the magic of technology (a la Book O’ Faces) I found out Doula P is off to another labor today. So I’m feeling even more motivated to keep Seedling in… At least for a few days… If I can.

I know Doula P has an assistant and back up doulas, but of course our preference is to do this with Doula P, and since labor is unpredictable she has to work in a “first call, first served” and whoever is in labor and calls her first is the one she goes to.

Since these contractions seem to adjust based on activity, I’m putting myself on self-imposed pseudo bed rest. Which sucks. With my brother and his family in town I was looking forward to seeing more of them… They were spending this morning at my moms, but I was worried what driving out there might do to the contractions… And I might have been willing to push it but Hubster is at work and in case I go into labor I don’t want to have to figure out getting back from my moms…

I may try going to a museum with them later this week, in the evening when Hubster can come with. Due to time and distant and cost I haven’t seen them in a year and a half, and I don’t want them to think I just don’t care about seeing them now!

And now, back to my “bed rest” – watching the 4th season of Tr.ue Blo.od on blue ray (yay Christmas!) with all the special features and commentaries!


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  1. Posted by Babylicious on December 27, 2012 at 12:43 pm

    I had Braxton Hicks with both babies. With my second I had them from 20 weeks on! The best way to manage them is to drink lots of water and take it easy. And even though everyone always says it and it gets super annoying, trust me you’ll know when the real contractions! Take it easy and enjoy the time you have left.


  2. Yeah, some self imposed bed rest sounds like the best plan… I mean, you can’t delay it forever, but it will definitely slow down anything that’s starting. Then up and walking around a museum should kick start it again! 🙂 I’m sure your family will understand!


  3. Lots of water for sure!

    I agree with the commenter above – you’ll know when they’re real, and you won’t be sleeping through them. 🙂 You’re getting close now!


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