I don’t want to be “the boy who cried wolf” but – the achy-Braxton things have (over the day) gone from just my lower uterus to wrap around to my lower back. This evening I decides for gits and shiggles to use my “contraction timer app” to see if anything was looking like a pattern. Over the last couple if hours they have averaged about 9 minutes apart and about 30 seconds in length… Although sometimes it varies quite a bit. I just took a shower (attempting to clear my sinuses and lungs) and an going to head to bed. It could still be a few days… But it could be sooner. I don’t want to say “I think I’m in early labor” and be wrong but … I concede that there is the plausibility that I am currently in early labor.


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  1. Howl to the moon!!! Best of luck in all of this, and let us know for sure!!! 🙂


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