A Cheesy Warm’N’Fuzzy Christmas Post

It is Christmas Eve.  My mind flits over the last year, to the Christmas of last year, and the past couple of Christmases…

I am so completely overcome with thankfulness and gratefulness for the life in my tummy.  Things have been pretty tight around here, (all the free time and money has been spent on getting ready for Seedling) so that Hubster and I realized we wouldn’t have time or money to really do any thing for one another.  But we both feel that we’re the luckiest people, and just having a full term, healthy pregnancy is the best gift we could possibly think of.  I think of all those Christmases, thinking I would trade any and every gift under the tree for a child.  I find such joy in every wiggle and roll, reminding me that she’s still in there, and still doing ok.  Tears come to my eyes for all the years of heartache that are now balanced by such overwhelming joy and contentment.

Hubster had to go into work this morning, so I got up with him at 5 this morning and made cinnamon rolls and eggs so that he could at least have a tasty breakfast on Christmas Eve.  We’re hoping he will get off work in time to make it to our church’s Vespers service tonight.  Then tomorrow morning we’re going over to my dads, and having brunch with him, my stepmom, my brother and his wife and kids.  And in the evening we will celebrate with my mom.

So I thought I would put together a little compilation of my bump shots… and include a picture I actually took right before I got pregnant!  I took it as a way of celebrating losing 40 pounds, having no idea that my abdomen would be growing again! (And ya, I’m sucking in my tummy, but I think it still counts to show where I WAS!)

Pre Pregnancy (March 9th 2012), 12 Weeks, 16 Weeks, 20 Weeks, 24 Weeks, 28 Weeks, 30 Weeks, 34 Weeks, 35 Weeks, 36 Weeks, 37 Weeks, 38 Weeks, 39 Weeks (December 23rd 2012)

IMG_050612 Weeks Belly Shot on Fathers Day 2.016 weeks pregnant (2)20 Weeks Bump Shot (3)24 weeks 9-9-12 (3)28 weeks 10-6-1230 weeks 10-21-1234 Weeks35 Weeks36 weeks pregnant37 Weeks 12-9-1238 weeks39 weeks


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  1. Nice, thanks for sharing. Interesting to see the progress and the difference time makes to your growing bump!!!


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