So maybe I really do need to slow down…

Well, Seedling decided to give me a teeny tiny scare. I was at work, and noticed suddenly some bright spots in my vision. I’ve had them once or twice before when getting in the shower, and figured maybe I should call my doctor… It didn’t last very long but I figured it was worth checking… Mostly I just wanted to be told that I was fine! But nope, I was advised to go to the hospital.

Well, I don’t work in the same city as my hospital so I had a moment of panic “where IS the closest hospital???” But of course I wasn’t supposed to drive so my very sweet coworker volunteered to drive me. As she is driving I call Hubster to let him know what happened and where we are headed. (Keeping in mind I work about 30-45 minutes from where we live…)

Coworker drops me off at the ER. She offered to walk me in but I pretty much felt fine aside from nerves so I told her I would be ok. So I walk in, check in, they insist I have to take a wheelchair up to the maternity floor… *grumble grumble* I think it’s always hard for people in the medical field to be patients. I’m used to being the one helping, not sitting in a wheelchair while some sweet old guy pushes me! Especially because I feel fine!

Get into the maternity ward, and I get THE COOLEST NURSE EVER. Super cool and laid back, really helped ease the nerves in my tummy. She put the monitor on my belly and took my blood pressure. Pressure was slightly elevated, but nothing serious (especially since most people get it elevated just from the nerves if coming to the hospital) and Seedling had really great heart rate. I had some very mild Braxton Hicks showing, but I couldn’t really feel anything and the nurse couldn’t palate them. Anyway, within an hour it was determined that I was fine. Maybe I stood up too quickly or something like that? If it happens again, have a headache, pain on the right around my liver I’m supposed to come back.

So here I sit in the waiting room, waiting for poor Hubster to come and get me since my car is back at work! It all just feels kind of silly and stupid… But it was really nice to listen to Seedlings heartbeat and know that everything really is ok.

Why do I have a feeling I’m going to be getting lectures from friends and family that I need to “slow down! You’re 8 months pregnant! Stop acting like you can do everything!”? … Lol. Oh right, because Hubster tells me that almost every day…


5 responses to this post.

  1. My friend with the same EDD as yours delivered a happy baby boy today!


    • Yay babyness!!! I still can’t believe how close we are to the end… Sometimes it “hits” me, but mostly I’ve spent 9 months thinking of it as a future event instead of a current event… Probably wont really be able to wrap my mind around it until I’m actually IN labor lol.


  2. You really do need to slow down 🙂 😉 Just trying to make that line about receiving lectures come true (ha ha ha ha ha)

    Glad you are well, please do take it easy and enjoy the last few days of being pregnant


    • Ah yes, thank you, I knew that lecture would be coming from someone! I promise I’m trying to behave, hanging around the house and sipping lots of tea. (Im also battling a cold thanks to Hubster!) I really do want to just make sure I do everything I can to keep Seedling healthy!


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