Time Flies When You Get Through Your To Do List…

Holy cow, another week gone!  To sum up…

Sunday: After all the tragedies on the news, it was so wonderful go to church; to refocus and spend my morning in prayer.  I haven’t spoken on here about the tragedies, and to be honest, I haven’t read anyone’s blogs posts about it.  I’ve taken a hiatus from facebook.  It’s not that I don’t care, it’s all just too heartbreaking and I can’t handle it.  But church was amazing.  A deep breath of fresh air (Well, technically, incensed air, but you know what I mean.) unfortunately Hubster was feeling sick and could not make it.  Then we went to my cousin Blithe’s Christmas party.  It was a small family affair, Blithe and his husband, and Blithe’s brother and sister (all of them are my cousins) and the sister’s boyfriend.  My mom, Hubster and myself.  We don’t get to see my cousins as much as I would like, but we were really close growing up and it’s always good to get to see them and catch up.  And here is the 38 week bump shot from Sunday (in pajamas, it was a last minute thought before bed):

38 weeks

Working is getting more and more interesting.  Monday I had some SERIOUS baby brain.  I give you these 4 examples: (I’m sure there are more, but I’ve forgotten them 😉  )
-Asking a question… only to ask the same question of the same person 15 minutes later.
-Highlighting the wrong thing in a chart (Well, technically I highlighted the important part… but I also highlighted everything else.  Oops.)
-Almost forgetting to take my cats home.  (I had taken them in for the day… and I had to remind myself several times since I would sometimes I forget I had pets in the building)
-I left my checkbook out after making a payment on my account – thankfully a vet assistant grabbed it and waved it at me!

Tuesday:  Went and learned how to install the car seat in the morning!  It’s a little crazy to see a car seat in the back of my car…  then errands and KNITTING!  LIKE A FIEND!  HOLY COW HOW WILL I GET IT ALL DONE?!?! *deep cleansing breaths*
And then we went and toured our hospital in the evening.
First of all, here is a picture of our hospital (taken from their brochure)
Hospital Brochure FrontYa.  I know.  What was the architect thinking???

But it’s a great hospital, the only one in the area that has giant tubs for water births and several other “progressive” policies like that.  Here are some thoughts from the tour:

Hubster said last night that he is thinks the set up at the hospital is better than the birth center, which I thought was funny – I would have assumed he would have preferred the lake view and homey ambiance of the birth center but he is just like a little kid, so excited by the lights of the big city! (At one point I had to gently pull him away from the window so we could keep up with the rest of the tour group!) So Hubster is totally sold on the change.
My first thought was that the building reminded me of an airport terminal and the rooms (with the oval windows) like being on an airplane… (And I’m not such a great flyer) and even though I work around medical equipment all day I was a little overwhelmed to see it all out and EVERYWHERE in the rooms. On the other hand, I felt like all the staff we met seemed very nice and focused on their work.
This morning I’ve decided to NOT think of the building as resembling anything to do with planes, but to think of it like giving birth in the St.ar Tr.ek universe because, well, that’s the only other thing the building reminds me of. And since Hubster and I are fans of St.ar Tr.ek that makes it all seem a lot more fun. (And I decided that if you REALLY use your imagination, our doctor Dr.B  kind of looks like Sulu…)  The tub room we went into that is meant for water birth was HUGE, someday when we own our own home, I WANT THAT TUB! Even with a whole tour group, part of me really wanted to climb in and take it for a test drive (but don’t worry, I maintained self control!) 😀  While on the tour we actually passed Dr.B in the hall and Doula P introduced us, but it was just a quick “hello” and then we had to go our separate ways.  I sent out an email last night to my parents explaining the visitor protocols so hopefully there wont be any surprises for them on the day of delivery!

Today I went in and “officially” met Dr.B.  Here are my thoughts:

It went really well, the nurse was super nice and asked if I wanted an internal check, and I figured since I haven’t really had one to go ahead and see what’s going on down there. Cervix is most definitely still closed and baby is still somewhat high. Although I have been having increased cervical mucus… which I know that is pretty normal up to a month before delivery. (Hubster will be bummed by the cervix news, when we got home last night he was so jazzed about the hospital and excited to meet Seedline he was really hoping she would come sooner rather than later.)
Oh, and the Strep B test I had done with Midwife N came back positive but the nurse assured me that an IV wont stop me from being able to get into the tub (hoping and praying one of the two tub rooms is available of course!) so we will just have to keep that in mind as far as how long we can labor at home.  (Once my water breaks I have to be getting an IV of antibiotics to protect the baby from the bacteria of Strep B that is living in my nether regions – it’s fairly harmless to me, and the majority of women have the bacteria, but can pose a serious health risk to Seedling) Hopefully my water takes a while to break so we can get some progress done at home, but we will just have to wait and see!
Dr. B was surprised I have not had any ultrasounds since my 20 week scan, they did a short one today to confirm Seedling is head down (Yay!) but he wants me to go in tomorrow for a more up to date scan, he made several comments about how big he thinks the baby is. Silly doctors, getting all stressed about the size of the baby – as long as we can get her head lined up correctly, that’s all that matters! (I’ve known several small/short women give birth to large 9 and 10lb babies)  But I’m such a sucker to get to see Seedling, I’m excited for more ultrasound fun tomorrow! Next appointment with the doctor is Friday the 28th.  (Ok, admittedly, a little worried about the “big baby” comments that it might change how willing he is to let me try to deliver vaginally… but also just trying to stay focused on not freaking out, staying calm etc etc.)

Ran some errands on my way home (including purchasing a nursing bra – apparently you can’t get a super accurate  fitting for one until 2 weeks after the baby is born and the milk has come in, but I figured getting one would be important for those two weeks, I just tried to get one that wasn’t *too* expensive and felt comfortable.) sent some emails, ate some lunch, typed this monstrosity up and now, to get on with MORE KNITTING!!!!!!!  I’m really worried I wont get it all done in time, Christmas is less than a week away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Don’t worry, even if you end up with a c-section, it’s not the end of the world! The main thing is to deliver a healthy baby, to a healthy mom, right? 🙂

    Timothy was born at 10 pounds and I wasn’t able to deliver him – however, I know many women who delivered 9-10 pound babies on their own. Focus on getting to meet the baby and leave the question of “how” to the specialists.

    That’s my bit of unasked for advice… hopefully it will relax you a bit (if not, let me know… I will ease off with my advices :))


    • It’s all very true. I’ve actually worked through a lot of my fears about c-sections due to our birth class, but it would be really hard to accept a planned c-section… I can’t put it into words but its really important I me to be able to TRY to give birth naturally. Does that make sense? And keep the advice coming, I always love your advice and comments!


      • That totally makes sense to me. I am also glad that it all started naturally and I really, really tried and suffered thru lots of pain.

        It was also really important to me to really, really try to breastfeed. I was hysterical when I had a bit of a supply issue. I am glad it all worked out in the end. Even though I know formula fed babies grow up just fine, it was uber-important for me… I was completely unprepared for any other way to feed my baby! I was a MESS. Over 2 ounces of formula that we had to give him. TWO OUNCES.

        So yeah – having an idea of what you want is good, but you need to have some flexibility in order to cope better if things go not exactly as planned.

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