Just a quick update tonight… Hubster and I spent our entire weekend, 2 full days, at our birth class. It was … Amazing. So much more than just a typical “Lamaze” class. It was like a marriage relationship retreat with labor/birthing/parenting rolled in. I feel so much closer and more in love with Hubster. I feel prepared (or, as prepared as I can be!) for Seedling to come into the world. There were a lot of intense, deep, emotional, spiritual revelations, and I want to write some of them out… At the very least for my own sake of remembering! But tonight I am soooooo tired. Good tired. When you have worked hard physically and emotionally and now you’re ready to curl up in your bed. So tonight I just want to say: I love my husband. He is an amazing man, I can’t imagine this without him. He is so generous, kind, compassionate, creative and loving. I love our daughter. I cannot wait to meet her. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for us all.

And here is my 37 week bump shot. I can’t believe we made it to “full term”. Thanks be to God, Lord have mercy on us all!



2 responses to this post.

  1. Full term! Woot!

    Would love to read about the workshop.


  2. Love! Glad you had such an amazing experience!!! Get some sleep Mama…. 🙂


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