Weddings are a Womhole.

Yesterday was a BIG day.

It marked one month left until our due date of December 30th. One. Month.

It was the anniversary of the birth of my dear, darling, best friend, lover, husband and father to our unborn baby. Hubster, you are amazing.

It was also the wedding of a friend of mine!

We met at the last clinic I worked at (where I was fired) she ended up quitting not long after. Not too far into her engagement she discovered she was pregnant (was 16 weeks along at the wedding!) she is a warm, charming individual who excels at infectious giggling. Her husband is in the navy, and had to spend most if their engagement at sea, and may be deployed right before their baby is due.

The wedding was interesting. It was a Catholic wedding, and it’s probably been about 8 years since I stepped into a Catholic Church. So I wasn’t super familiar with the rhythm if their services. I was also a little struck by the fact the priest began the service by stating that we all needed to “acknowledge or sin” … I mean, of course we are all fallen and sinful but it was a severe way to start a joyous ceremony! The priest actually had a VERY thick accent, I missed over half if what he said! But what I could understand he spoke at length against sin/lust/sex (wow was there a lot of sex discussed!) but stressed the importance if procreation. (Not sure I followed the logic of “sex=bad” yet “procreation=good”…) He also made a point to stress the importance of a stay-at-home mom… It seemed like he spent most if his time looking at the bride, advising her on all she needs to do without really balancing it with the groom’s role…? Maybe it was just because it was so difficult to understand him? *shrug* the theology nerd in me is very intrigued though.

In other news, more issues with my car. It started with bring sluggish to accelerate, then doing this pseudo-sputtering thing and today actually was decelerating as I drove into work. Hubster is worried it’s the timing belt and rented a car dolly to come and get me from work at the end of the day. If the belt has gone, the car is totaled. I can’t even express how much I do not have the mental and emotional reserves to deal with what that all means. Prayers would be greatly appreciated.

Of course being at a wedding, any wedding, brings back memories of Hubster and my wedding. What was similar, what was different. Her wedding was very small and intimate and sweet. The reception was elegant. The food tasty. And the cake? Best cake ever!!! Must figure out where they bought it… Then if course came dancing. Anyone want to look at the gorgeous couple’s first dance???

Big surprise, I cried 🙂

Then came the father-daughter dance… And this is where I slipped into a bizarre wedding wormhole. I was remembering my father daughter dance… And realizing we may be watching Hubster and Seedling do this dance in 20 or 30 years … ! It was beautiful and surreal and overwhelming with emotion. I felt like I had one foot in the past, one in the future and yet still standing in the present.


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