I forgot the Bump!

Ok, I didn’t I actually forget the weekly bump-shot, but I wrote the previous post on my lunch at work, and had yet to take a bump picture.  So here ya go, 36 weeks along!

36 weeks pregnantEmma decided to pose alone with me this week.  Sorry it’s not one of my normal outfits, but after a LONG day at work (which included Hubster renting a car dolly and coming and picking me up from work and towing my car behind his truck!) I wanted to be in sweat pants by-gum!

Also some pictures from around the nursery!

12552_10151176652823757_553525693_nThe bedding, with a super cute knight on his horsie!  (The toy a gift from Hubster’s mom “Nana” – my mom has elected to go by “Granny”)

252208_10151176652873757_1007645436_nRoco the kitty checking out the crib – thankfully he has so far yet to jump IN it!  Let’s just hope it stays that way… Not holding my breath though.  So far, we keep the door closed and only allow the kitties in under supervision, but I am sure once Seedling gets here that will be harder to enforce so I’m trying to stretch out the cat’s exposure to the room so that it is more familiar to them.

73277_10151176652968757_707636749_nThe epic rocking chair… pretty sure I’ve put this up, but I love it so much, had to share it again!  🙂151063_10151176652993757_196515321_nDiaper station!  I LOVE our art on the walls, and I am actually really excited to get to use our cloth diapers!  At this point we have pretty close to everything we need, just a few little things left, it is kind of ridiculous how much babies need!  I’m also wanting to get some basket/organizers for things… one at the end of the diapering station to hold wipes and whatnot.  Another basket or two to hold toys on the antique bookshelf in the corner, and I need a few more drawers or baskets for odds and ends in the closet.  So many itty bitty things that can easily get lost!


3 responses to this post.

  1. The amount of baby stuff is maddening! And when you think you need to keep all this until baby #2…


    • One of these days when I have the time and energy I need to do a post about some of my thoughts on baby#2… Let’s just say my dearest hope is baby #2 comes sooner rather than later! For lots of reasons, but I definitely don’t want to store a bunch if infant stuff for years and years!


  2. Cute!!! Love the nursery, so darling!


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