In case you couldn’t tell by the title… I will be referencing one of SRB’s phrases due to there being no better way to explain myself.

I’ve had the worlds easiest, most textbook pregnancy. But I’m at the place where it takes forever to get comfortable, and by the time I finally get comfortable in bed, I then have to pee. So needless to say I got crap for sleep here lately. Then you add in bring 8 months pregnant makes you tired anyway. And working. And trying to prep for the holidays. And trying to get all those last-minute-things done before the baby arrives. And I’ve been crying. It’s not even like I’m really sad or anything! I’m just…. EMOTIONS! Call it hormones if you like. I cried when I went to bed last night. Cried on my way into work. My boss was like “oh my gosh are you ok?!?” Seeing me walk in all sniffly, with tears still coming down… And I hate that there is no clear answer. Yes, I’m fine. Great, wonderful, exuberant to be pregnant and very soon meet Seedling. But also very tired, exhausted, overwhelmed, hormonal, … EMOTIONAL.

I’m probably going to cry later when I get off work as well. It helps to cry. It feels good to have an outlet for all the swirling stuff inside of me.

But crying is also tiring… So you see the spiral I’m in?


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    I feel ya, woman. It’s all hormones + Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Prep for the, um, 6-12 more months of no sleep to come. Huzzah!



  2. Oh sweetie! Next time your boss, or anyone, asks if you’re okay just tell the truth… “I’m fine, just pregnant…” 90% of the population will understand that statement… the other 10% will still pretend to get it. πŸ™‚ When I’m pregnant, I do this sort of crazy swing thing… where suddenly I’m crying hysterically for no reason, and with no notice it turns into laughing hysterically, and back to sobbing… My husband calls it “craughing.” LOL. All those emotions need a way out! Cry, laugh, whatever… catharsis!!!! Good luck! And by the way… eating chocolate always helps. πŸ˜‰


    • I guess I shy away from exposing things as “I’m just crazy and pregnant” because of my own experiences with people who used it as an excuse for all kinds of rediculous choices and behaviors… I feel like I still have to take responsibility for my actions. But I guess emotional crying outbursts probably does fall into the category of “not-entirely-under-my-control.”

      Maybe it was just a simple chocolate deficiency I just need to get some more… Worth trying, eh? πŸ˜‰


  3. It is sooooo par for the course at this point. At any point in pregnancy really. My poor Beloved didn’t know if he was coming or going because my emotions were so all over the place while I was pregnant… and throw in the emotional ups and downs that go with diabetes (I turn into a mega-biotch when my blood sugars are at extremes)… it was just a messy, teary, goofy time. Hang in there!


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