A Picture Post

Saturday, we joined Suzy, her husband Professor and their two children to go to a local tree farm and cut down our Christmas tree!

Hubster and I on the “hay ride” – the farm runs year round so they have a tractor haul a flatbed with hay on it from the parking lot to where the trees are. This preggo lady didn’t object!

Hubster cutting our tree… We chose a little one this year since I wouldn’t really be much help hauling a giant tree up 3 flights of stairs…

My husband, the sexy beast, just hoists it up on his shoulder like it’s no biggie… I have to say there is something about a tall dark and handsome man, with a fabulous beard, doing manly things that gets me all twitterpated!

Hubster and our tree!

Sunday after church we I made cookies, threw dinner in the crock pot, and then we Hubster pulled the decorations out of storage and then WE decorated the tree. I always grew up with a different “theme” on the tree each year… But since the animals have been so anxious lately we chose to go only with non-breakable ornaments, (in case it accidentally gets knocked over…) which meant a hodgepodge of things from childhood through today. I guess this years theme is “nostalgia”…

The cookies I made… Mini spiced pumpkin cookies with rum icing! Very tasty for munching while listening to Christmas music and putting up decorations 🙂

Last but not least: 35 weeks pregnant!!!


9 responses to this post.

  1. Hey, you look AWESOME!
    Seriously, your face looks different, so happy with some inner beauty… Way to go!!!


  2. Love it! Makes me want to get ready for Christmas at our house!


  3. cookies sound interesting . . . I would need to try them. Yay for the tree progression, looks fab (and yay for happy babycarrying you!)


    • The cookies are very strong, it’s a nice light flavor. And they came out moist and chewy 🙂 What is it like celebrating the holidays in summer???
      I am just so thankful every day to still be pregnant. As weird as it is… in some ways, I’m thankful I had to have the dark experiences so I can be grateful for what it means to have a healthy, normal, lasting pregnancy.


  4. Awesome! I want a real Christmas tree so badly! And your bump is just gorgeous! 🙂


    • I only every grew up with a real Christmas tree… I’ve never understood having a fake one! Although, there were some pretty tight budgeted Christmas’s where Hubster and I just couldn’t afford a tree… so one year we purchased a nice wreath and hung it on the wall we would have put the tree next to. I wrapped it in a small line of lights, and hung our favorite ornament of two on it. It brought in the “tree” smell, and was just enough of a touch of the holiday look to get us through 🙂

      It sounds weird, but I love my bump too *shy smile/blush* I’m going to miss it when it’s gone!!! I am SO exited to meet this little girl, but I am just loving feeling her little movements and knowing right where she is and what she is doing. Although there will be SOME things I don’t miss… heartburn, insomnia, difficulty getting settled in bed only to realize I have to get out of bed and pee, and I miss having “intimate evenings” with Hubster!!! This close to the end we don’t want to risk causing preterm labor…


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