Extreme Nesting

This weekend we were supposed to be at our birthing class.  However, the class got rescheduled.  Hubster and I had planned to have a much needed “do nothing” weekend.  We would work around the apartment, and on the nursery.  However, Saturday dawns and Hubster is having intense back pain.  I mean, so bad, I had to get out of bed and put his shoes on him for him so he could make it to an Acolyte Meeting at the church. (He’s going to start serving some Sundays, which he’s very excited about!)

Hubster has had chronic on-again off-again back pain, without him actually doing anything to set his back off.  His father also has chronic back pain.  So Saturday I put my foot down.  I knew that if it was me who couldn’t put my shoes on, Hubster would be dragging me to the doctor kicking and screaming. And that is just what I did.  I called and got him into my acupuncturist that afternoon, and in with a chiropractor recommended by a friend on Tuesday.  We need to figure out what is causing this and start doing preventative treatment, instead of just addressing it when he’s in such pain.  In some ways, I guess it’s selfish – I need him feeling his best to help take care of my and Seedling.  But really, I just can’t stand seeing him in such pain!

Of course, this meant putting together the rocking chair and other things around the apartment would not, could not, get done.  Earlier in the week my mom had offered to come over and help prep for Thanksgiving, but I had declined.  So Saturday morning found me calling her inviting her over to help me get things done.  I was having a serious case of itching-trigger-finger to get my nesting on!

I will say, she came in and was a POWERHOUSE.  We got the rocking chair together, and did some serious organizing to the nursery.  We got the artwork hung on the walls, and today, finished the curtains and I started sewing some home-made prefold diapers (using an old duvet cover that was torn, made of super-soft cotton jersey.)

To start with, a page from the rocker assembly instruction manual… It gave me a pretty good laugh.  Gee, thanks, I don’t know WHAT I would have done without someone telling me to do this step!

Ok, now some pictures of the nursery:

MOST. COMFY. ROCKER. EVEEEEERRR!!!!! (The blanket hanging off the back was a gift from my Godparents, and my new nursing cover is folded on the armrest)  This chair is cushy, yet supportive.  Rocks, swivels and has a rocking ottoman.  LOVE IT!!!!

The art, hung above what will be the diapering station (right now it’s holding a bunch of random stuff – you know how when you organize things, there are those odds and ends left over that don’t fit into any category? Ya, it’s that kind of stuff…poor homeless things.)

And my prefolds (based on the the Th.irs.ties design):

My “template” on the left, my first creation on the right!  I got 4 completed this evening before deciding to call it a night.

I used a variety of colors of thread, just to keep it fun 🙂

And then, in recognition that we are at 34 weeks… here is an updated bump shot on the right (with my original 12 week photo on the left)

And just for fun-zies: My view of things, taken on my lunch break at work about a week ago:

(I’m sitting down with my feet up)

Now to get to bed.  I’m totally beat.  And have been fighting a cold all week. Must get some SLEEP!!!




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  1. awesome bump!
    what’s “prefolds” ?


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