Unexpected Free Time

Well, for all my complaining about not having any down time, I guess I got what I wanted. Although not exactly how I had envisioned it!

I got the unique opportunity to leave work early tonight. I thought “great! I will go home, put on my jammies and guzzle a bunch of hot tea and honey because ice been feeling a cold coming on for the past couple days. Maybe I will even go to bed early!” However, as fate would have it… There was a really bad back up on the interstate. I was idling along for about 20 minutes… When my car suddenly decided to impersonate Puff the Magic Dragon and started spewing smoke steam. It was so much I really had a moment of concern something was on fire so after pulling over I got out if my car! I called Hubster, for lack of knowing what else to do. He felt pretty confident nothing was actually in fire, and would head my way with coolant (but I was about 30 minutes away…) so I got back in my car. When the steam had mellowed out I got out and popped the good to help speed up the cool down process.

Eventually it cooked off enough I was able to drive it a mile to the next exit (although by the time I reached the off ramp it was smoking like the Marlboro Man!) where I am now currently sitting. On the plus side I’m no longer on a busy interstate shoulder, and I’m parked under a light, and will be a little easier for Hubster to reach me.

A cop actually stopped to check on me which I thought was pretty nice but there really wasn’t much I needed from him. But it’s comforting to know they still do that 🙂

So Seedling and I are just cooling our hills, enjoying the ambiance of a streetlight filtering through engine steam, munching on an apple.

Oooo lookie, my prince has arrived!!!


6 responses to this post.

  1. Ahh…. Hate when best laid plans are thwarted by inconvenient mishaps. Glad you were able to get to a safer location and had a snack to munch on while you waited. Hope your car is ok!


    • Hubster got to looking at it this morning in the light of day and thinks he can fix it, just a tube or two need to be replaced. I love having a husband who is mechanically inclined!


  2. Well shit! Too bad there wasn’t a shopping centre at that exit!


    • Haha! Nope, the exit was pretty bare, the closest thing was a dingy gas station a mile down the road. (We drove down for gas before getting back on the highway.). It was the thing horror movies are made of lol. For there being some pretty major comsmopolitan cities here, there is also big pockets if rural little one-stoplight-towns.
      I’m just thankful that nobody got hurt and we didn’t have to pay for a tow truck!


  3. Well that just sucks! LOL. At least you had an apple with you. 🙂 Glad your hubby knew what to do to fix it, but talk about a relaxing evening off! Ugh.


  4. Ugh. Car trouble is the worst! I hope your hubby can fix it up for you.


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