Wow it’s been a while since my last post. Just working a lot, trying to fit time in for family, pets, taking care of day to day things around the apartment. Every day off gets filled with a million things. Important, even fun things, but it leaves me with no time or energy to blog. I’m at 33 weeks and finally coming to terms with accepting people’s help when they offer it (I still suck at asking for it). I think a big part is that 1-I’ve been terrified if being the lazy, whiney pregnant lady, and 2-I’ve known single moms, who had to do it all themselves. So i keep trying to do as much as i can. Half the time people are telling me to do less, and half the time people are telling me I’m fine and I could/should be doing more. There’s no pleasing anybody.

Honestly, I’m just brain fried. I spend a lot if time in auto-pilot, going through the motions and routine of my day. There is A LOT left to do. I realized (when you think of a due date as being approximate and the baby could come two weeks before or after and be considered “on time”) that Seedling could be in here in as little as five weeks. FIIIIIIIVE. Holy crap.

The nursery is a mess, there are some last little items to buy (I’m keeping my eye out for some good Black Friday online deals I can snag before I go into work that day) and then throw in that I’m hosting Thanksgiving (it seemed less stressful then going to multiple dinners with my divorced parents) but won’t really have any time to prep the dishes beforehand, (although admittedly I’m only making three things, my family has divvied up most of the dishes) AND there is Christmas right around the corner (at my job we get paid once a month and one of my co-workers remarked yesterday how there is only one paycheck between now and Christmas!) and yes, I am making/have made/will make most of the gifts this year, but there is still a A LOT to do, especially with how crazy busy my life is these days.

I wish I could just take a week off work so I could breath and catch up on some things. But I also know that’s not an option. So I just keep looking forward to December when I go down to part time. And try to tell myself to stop over thinking everything. Because even if Seedling came today, as unprepared as we are, we would figure it out.


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  1. Just because someone else has done things the hard way doesn’t mean you have to make things harder on yourself. How does doing everything yourself make life better for any single mom out there? If you have the benefit of people who will help you, of a husband who will get up to do 2am feedings (hint hint there Mr. Tulip), denying yourself that benefit doesn’t do anything for anybody. Accept it and enjoy it, it doesn’t last long.


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