The BEST Shower EVER!

So, of course the title says it all, but I’m going to back up a little, because the shower was on Saturday.  However, Thursday morning is when my MIL flew into town (Bright and early! 7-something in the morning.

I stayed in bed while Hubster went to pick her up.  Since I work so late, I get to bed late, which means my normal wake up time is between 8 and 9… or 10… or 11…  A lot depends on the quality of sleep I get that night.)

I had a lot of concerns about MIL coming and staying with us for a long weekend.  Since we have to go through her to access Hubster’s Trust, she tends to have a lot of questions about our finances… Which can include some rather personal questions that I personally think are none of her business …  Suffice it to say, I was worried she would look around and say things like “Why do you have ____” and suddenly I would have to account for every movie, book, electronic and brand name product sitting around the apartment.  When the truth is there are a lot of things in our apartment that were gifts (generous gifts!), among them literally ALL of our big electronic items.  And since I struggle with weight, we do tend to eat healthy, and healthy food just tends to cost more.  However, other than one conversation she had with Hubster when I was at work, she did not discuss money and the entire visit was incredibly pleasant!

Since she is a Veterinarian, and I went to school to be a Vet Tech and now work as a receptionist at a vet office, we had LOTS to share when it came to work stories (poor Hubster was sometimes a little left out of those conversations).  She did some MAJOR grocery shopping, and a little cleaning (I tried very hard for the place to be clean before she got here… but I don’t think she was actually really upset that it wasn’t cleaner, I think she was just doing the “Mom” thing.)  The most difficult thing really was just realizing that after a long day at work, I couldn’t come home and veg on the couch (it would be have been rude to ignore someone who just flew into town!) so I had to come home and play hostess which lead to a very tired Tulip… but it was balanced by the fact that I came home to a delicious homemade meal made by my MIL!  That was really wonderful to not have to try and figure out the meals.  (The flip side of that though… all the delicious meals and frequent eating out, meant I gained quite a bit this weekend, and I know I cannot blame it on the baby.  So bring on the water and veggies this week!)

I received a text in the days leading up to the shower that my friend Poly may not be at the shower. And I pretty much freaked out.  I mean, we’ve been friends since 5th grade, she had TONS of notice, and she cited such things as concerns about driving the 30-45 minutes, wanting to visit her horse and other random things – and all it did was make me feel like she was saying I was not an important person in her life.  I was both completely heartbroken and raging pissed at the same time.  While we go WAY back, and she has done A LOT for me over the years… there is also no denying that since moving out here she has NEVER been to my home, and always required me to work around her schedule and come to her.  Up until when I saw her walk into the shower, I really had no idea if she would show or not.  But she DID show up.  And her gift almost made Hubster cry… way back in the day, she used to come on MANY a family vacation, one summer we both purchased cross-stitch projects that were baby blankets.  I have to say, I’m pretty confident my blanket never got finished and I have no idea where it is today.  Apparently, she still has that blanket from when we were 12 years old, and is finishing it to give to our little girl.  I love that there are stitches in there from over a decade ago!

The truth is, there was an amazing turn out, many faces I had not seen for a long time due to distance.  You know how when you put together a guest list and you think “I would love to invite this person, but I’m pretty sure they wont be able to come.”?  I felt like a lot of those people actually DID come and I really cannot express how moved I was to realize they were willing to fit me into their very busy lives.  One of the big surprises?  ALEX WAS THERE!!!  Oh my goodness, how many of us ALI bloggers get to have a fellow ALI blogger buddy at their baby shower?!?!  Other notables included my Godparents (the people I would have gone to live with had something happened to my parents while I was a child).  They currently live quite a distance down in Oregon, and even though I’ve been here for a year and a half without seeing them simply because of the distance.  There were other people who are my parents friends who I haven’t seen since childhood family events.  There were some women from my church, one (My Church-Godparent, meaning she was my “sponsor” when I joined the Orthodox church) already was involved in throwing my previous shower!  Another came after working an 80 hour workweek.  Oh, the list goes on and on… I’m welling up just thinking about everyone who came.

Jewel and Suzy assisted my mom in co-hosting, Jewel purchased and MADE a lot of decorations for the shower.  There was lots of tasty food (and cupcakes!) and beverages.  But of course, you all want to hear about the presents.  Oh wow… I have some of the most GENEROUS family and friends!  If I listed everything, it would be a VERY long list…  But I definitely have NO fears that our baby will be clothed the first year of her life 🙂 We also received some important big items of the car seat and pack’n’play, along with several toys, books, blankets (including a very lux Pendleton blanket from my Godparents that Hubster wants to steal for himself), bottles and some cloth diapers, an Ergo and a Moby wrap… the list goes on and on.  In preparing to write this post I sat down in the nursery and looked through my little mountain and just couldn’t hold the tears back.

And since they say a picture is worth a thousand words….

A little sign when you first walked in 🙂

The top of the cake tower was a mini cake… and this adorable cake topper referencing our farm themed nursery!

The gift table… a sampling of what it looked like anyway!

 My kitchen table after we got home… showcasing some of the cards, flowers and balloons!

And pictures from the mountain of presents in the nursery after the car was unloaded!  (The yellow and brown poof balls were Jewel’s hand-made decorations, and I loved them so much I had to bring them home, but beneath them are MORE gifts!)

My dad took a lot of pictures of people visiting during the shower, but I haven’t gotten them yet, so this will have to do for now.

Suffice it to say, opening presents… it was surreal.  I just couldn’t believe that this was for me.  That after all the years, and tears, and EVERYTHING… Here I was, sitting with a giant bump opening gifts full of teeny, tiny essentials (and some beautiful non essentials!) that are for a baby.  My baby? MY BABY!  I kept waiting for someone to be like “Oh, wait, this is all for someone else.”  I wanted to laugh and cry and shake my head… but somehow I kept it together and “ooed” and “ahhed” and behaved like a normal expectant mother.

However, there were a few comments from the shower that really grumped me out – as “normal” as they may be.  A lot of it centered around this idea of “Oh, the baby’s due date is so close!  I bet you’re SO ready to be done with pregnancy, hu?”  accompanied by stories of how gross babies can be.

First of all, I know newborns don’t come out pristine.  Anyone who does is rather ignorant of what birth entails.  I work in vet med, remember?  Birth is birth, regardless of species.  It’s going to be bloody and slimey and messy.  I get it.  But you know what?  It’s also natural.  Grow up.  Blood and poop are part of the human function, we’re not 5!  (Admittedly, this rant is pretty much directed at my step mom… who likes to repeatedly tell me how gross her daughter was and how she was denial the baby was hers and wanted the nurses to take it away.  And no matter how often she tells it, it is NOT funny, and does not get funnier with the retelling.)

Secondly, I’m pretty sure that most people are aware that we WANTED this pregnancy   This was not some accident we had to learn to accept.  On top of that, I’ve had the worlds easiest pregnancy.  Honestly, what kind of twat would I be to complain???  I actually LOVE being pregnant.  I LOVE feeling this little seedling (Ooo!  Finally, it only took 32 weeks for me to come up with a Blog Name for out Baby!  SEEDLING! *smacks forehead*) move and wiggle and kick.  The mild heartburn I have sporadically is a pathetically small price to pay for all the joys this pregnancy has brought.  The fact is, as much as I cannot wait to meet our Seedling face to face, give her kisses and snuggles and watch Hubster hold her with awe, wonder and love on his face – I am going to miss being pregnant.  I am going to be sad.  I am going to probably have a hard time accepting that this once in a lifetime experience is over.  So please stop assuming I’m in torture.  I find it offensive.  (This would be a rant directed at my parents friends who, admittedly, don’t know me that well.)

Sunday night Hubster and I had a fairly frank discussion about trying to walk the line of appreciating this pregnancy so as not to be nieve in thinking that I could/would easily get pregnant again without making panicked assumptions it for SURE will never happen again, my history of depression and the fact this he is very worried that I will suffer some PPD in that I will be very sad when this pregnancy is over.

And after ALL of that, here is my 32 week pump picture (with the original 12 week bump picture for comparisons sake on the right)


3 responses to this post.

  1. wow – the baby is growing!
    glad to hear you enjoyed your baby shower, you deserve it
    LOVE the mess in the nursery 🙂


  2. Posted by Valerie on November 7, 2012 at 6:48 pm

    I felt an empty feeling when all three of my little ones were born/newborn. I, like you, love being pregnant too, so when it’s over, it’s sad for me!! But, thankfully, your newest addition to the family quickly takes my mind from the emptiness with his/her needs and then you get to be a mother to them!! They need you for everything. Every feeding, every changing, every snuggle. You get to give those things. Let THAT be what fills you once the pregnancy is over. (I really do get it, though. Pregancy is AMAZING and beautiful, and we hate to see something of those qualities end, right?! 😉 ) Take care, you look great!


  3. Happy to hear that your shower went so well.


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